The senior audio programmer will work closely with the audio director and audio teams to build gameplay audio and music systems for a narrative-based and systemic game.  The incumbent will also collaborate with the gameplay team to prototype and develop new AI and gameplay features. 

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In collaboration with the audio director, you will be responsible for building features like:

  • Acoustic physics simulation
  • Dynamic Music
  • AI Bark systems and pipeline
  • In-engine tools for sound designers
  • Maintain and modify UE4 WWise engine plugin
  • Work between audio and gameplay to deliver best-in-class game audio.

Company Profile: Cloud Chamber

Cloud Chamber is a collaborative team of inspired minds who strive to make unique, entertaining and thoughtful game experiences that engage the world. The team’s heavy focus on diversity, open communication, and overall well-being allows them to strive for excellence in their work and happiness in their lives. Cloud Chamber’s latest project is the newest iteration of the hugely popular BioShock franchise.

Missing a skill?

This role requires a strong command of sound design principles and audio programming. If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.