A sound investment. Save ~$9k on tuition and get more training hours compared to a typical university major.

Program cost

  • RAC Montreal $18,455 cad
  • RAC Toronto $18,840 cad
  • International fee +$3,000 cad

Financial assistance

Registered Education Savings Plans ▸ (RESPs) can be applied toward the cost of tuition at Recording Arts Canada.

Once the RESP beneficiary has graduated from high school and enrolled full-time or part-time in a qualifying post-secondary educational program, you can request, on his or her behalf, to withdraw money from the RESP to help pay for their studies.

When you withdraw government payments or interest earned from an RESP account, that money is called an Educational Assistance Payment.

Educational Assistance Payments include the interest earned in the RESP as well as any Canada Education Savings Grants, provincial grants and Canada Learning Bonds received. You can use this money to pay for post-secondary school expenses like tuition, books and transportation.

By the numbers


Training hours

1 year at RAC
900+ hours of specialized training
4 years at university
675 hours of major courses
675 hours of elective courses
More training in less time

We squeeze 205 more training hours into one year than most university majors offer in four.

Lower cost of education
Our program costs almost $9,000 less than the average Canadian university program.
Faster workforce integration
Start earning in your field three years sooner than your colleagues studying at university.

Full benefits

900+ hours of training

Every hour is focused on sound and music production, and the total hour count far exceeds the 675 hours of specialized training offered in a typical university major.

Lower cost per hour
The hourly cost of training at RAC is $20.05 (Montreal) and $20.47 (Toronto). If you factor in additional tutoring and feedback sessions, the rate drops even further. By contrast, many university and college programs charge upwards of $40 per hour.
Lifetime alumni support
Your tuition also covers the cost of lifetime alumni support, including job search, career counselling, and other potential benefits like grad promotion, course upgrades, and studio access (based on availability).
Built for the industry
Most colleges and universities are academic buffets. We put all our focus into a single program that better prepares you for the industry in one year than a generic university program does in four.
Our diploma means something
Companies around the world recognize and respect grads of Recording Arts Canada. Many sound and music industry employers in Canada are themselves RAC graduates.
No other costs
Unlike other schools that tack on additional fees, Recording Arts Canada covers everything with its tuition: textbooks, tutoring, studio bookings, supplementary workshops, career counselling, school merchandise, and even your graduation dinner.

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Ready to launch your professional career in under a year?

Get better, faster than a university student

Our program delivers over 30% more training than a 4-year university major, in a quarter of the time.

Our program consists of over 900 hours of specialized training—and it all happens in less than a year.

A four-year university program, by contrast, typically consists of 675 hours of major courses and another 675 hours of irrelevant elective courses.

1 year at RAC
900+ hours of specialized training
4 years at university
675 hours of major courses
675 hours of elective courses

Learn online or on-site

Our program is fully available online and on-site. Both versions provide 4 hours of live, guided training every single day. Note that on-site delivery is sometimes restricted in accordance with provincial lockdown guidelines.

Online program

Study from home and earn a Attestation of College Studies from RAC Montreal.

On-site program

Take the full program on-premise in our state-of-the-art studios, and earn an Attestation of College Studies from RAC Montreal or a diploma from RAC Toronto.

RAC alumni are crushing it

From Grammys to blockbuster films to festivals and Triple A video games, our alumni are leaders in creative industries around the world.

Applicants have our full support.​

Apply now and we’ll personally reach out to offer:

1-on-1 feedback session with an RAC mentor

Functional skills & career plan assessment

Financial aid simulation with a registrar

Support throughout the admissions process