Is your dream job one in music producing? Gaming? Live sound? Starting your own label? Whatever your end goal is, getting educated at Recording Arts Canada is the best decision you can make to trigger your career.



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Recording Arts Canada offers a world class learning environment that will give you the tools you need to turn your passion into a career. Check out what some of our grads are doing right now.



Luke Leveille
Assistant Engineer, Noble Street Studios

"RAC provided great practical experience for all the fundamentals. When I first arrived in Toronto, I didn’t know anything...until I came to RAC and was taught properly."

Adam Herdman
Production Engineer, Corus Entertainment

"I never really understood what I was actually doing. RAC has answered those questions and now I get the science and audio magic behind the scenes."

Hazel Burns
Mix Engineer, CTV

"I had a very positive experience at RAC. I learned a lot of information and gained tons of hands-on experience in a relatively short period of time."

Amy King
Recording Engineer, Grant Avenue Studio

Amy landed a post graduate internship at the famous Hamilton studio founded by Daniel Lanois of U2 and Peter Gabriel fame. Amy has worked at Grant Avenue Studio ever since.

Andrew Leung

"I found it very interesting - everyone had a different background. For example, I came from programming, so I was the lead developer- programmer in our projects. Another student was a Graphic Artist, so he did all of our 2D and 3D art."

Paul Col
Post-Production Audio Engineer, Studio Sonomar

"The courses offered at RAC covered multiple dimensions of the audio field, rather than focusing strictly on music, which for me was hugely important in discovering my passion for post-production."

Emilie Bilodeau
Recording Engineer, CBC/Radio Canada

"The teachers were so helpful, always encouraging us to go further in our work and progress as much as possible. I view my time at RAC as the best investment I’ve made in my life."

Stephen Williams
Record Label Co-founder, King Luck Music

"I heard about RAC and decided to take the leap into the Sound and Music Recording program, it turned out to be the right place for me."

Michael Maher
Freelance Sound Technician

"[After graduating from RAC] companies were calling me again and again. It was very exciting to finally start my career. It couldn’t have been possible without RAC’s team."


30 Jun

Recording Arts Canada Grads and where they work.

Here's a partial list of Recording Arts Canada grads and the labels, studios, live sound, major media broadcasters, film post production, game design, and many other creative organizations around the world. 

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30 Jun

Recording Arts Canada Review: Stephen Williams: Running a successful record label.

Stephen Williams, RAC graduate (2006) discusses how he started his own successful record label, his work as a producer, and his some of his music business experiences.

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30 Jun

An International Experience: Mixing Music Around the World.

Fali Damania, Recording Arts Can

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30 Jun

Patrick Ouellet takes the long road back to his musical roots.

Patrick Ouellet has had quite a journey the past few years.

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30 Jun

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews featuring Leyshan Grant

RAC Digital Arts College Student

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15 Jun

RAC Grad Amy King Profile: Grant Avenue Studio

Amy King is an RAC graduate. She's been working at Grant Avenue Studios since graduating from RAC.

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14 Jun

RAC Montreal Concert Performance Application

Next Concert: August 4, 2015 @ 8pm at Sala Rossa. Recording Arts Canada's Concert Series is just one of many exciting events hosted by RAC, featuring some very talented music artists.

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13 Jun

Recording and Mixing Demonstrations @ RAC Montreal Studios July 22 @ 10:00 am

Indie bands, beat makers, DJs, r

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12 Jun

RAC Grad Luke Leveille's credits include Drake, Wiley, and other outstanding artists.

RAC grad Luke Leveille has worked with artists Drake, Wiley, Ghostface Killah, P.

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12 Jun

RAC Digital Arts College Student Review featuring Rennie Williams of Antiqua

RAC Digital Arts College Student

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