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Cultivate your creative force

Lectures and tutorials are live broadcast to students at home each day. Students also have daily access to private and group workshops, feedback, online course material, and collaborative projects.

Life at Recording Arts Canada

Student life at RAC includes daily access to attentive mentors, collaborative projects and events, and a torrent of career opportunities.

Small class sizes

Quality over quantity, always. Our classes are made up of no more than 22 students, ensuring you receive exceptional access to our teaching staff.

Accessible faculty

Teachers don't disappear when class ends. You'll have daily access to faculty members to refine personal projects or graded assignments.


We hold five workshops per semester so you can participate in bonus activities like music creation and sampling the sounds of the city.


Concerts are held each semester to teach you how to prep, run, and perform in live shows. They're also a great chance to connect with local artists.

Montreal-Toronto Exchange

No other school offers students a streamlined multi-city learning experience. You'll have the option to spend time in both Montreal and Toronto during your year as a student. 

Campus events

To strengthen our community and bolster lasting partnerships, we organize on-campus open mics, jam sessions, collaborative sessions, movie nights, and much more.

How you'll develop at Recording Arts Canada

Classes are just the beginning. Your development into a sound and music professional comes from our focus on improving your skills, projects, and career.


Skills development

Hands-on guidance

See it, do it, get feedback

Half of our 800 hour sound & music production curriculum—plus an additional 120 workshop hours—focus on guided applications of production concepts and techniques. We’re firm believers in hands-on learning.


An extra push when you need it

We offer group tutoring sessions and comprehensive class notes for every course. We also offer private tutoring to students that attend class, participate in events, and still need an extra push.

Extra practice time

Perfect your skills at school

To grow as a music creator, you need time and space outside of class time to practice new techniques and fine-tune projects. That’s why we offer designated lab and studio time for both independent work.

Project development

Professional feedback

Accelerate your projects

We offer daily feedback to accelerate your projects and your growth as a music creator. With feedback from our faculty, you’ll improve at a significantly quicker rate than through trial-and-error alone.

Production frameworks

Recipes for success

Bad workflows are momentum killers that make it seemingly impossible to turn your ideas into finished products. Our exclusive frameworks help you get more ideas across the finish line.

Studio bookings

A home at RAC for life

As a student or grad, you can use our state-of-the-art studios, labs, and theatres in Montreal and Toronto for your own projects. Work independently or collaborate with others in the RAC community.

Career development

Weekly job posts

A torrent of opportunities

Every week, we share new job offers from Montreal and Toronto's sound and music production industries. In the past year alone, we've posted more than 500 positions ranging from entry-level to experienced.

Job search & prep

Kickstart your career 

Browse a custom map of more than 1,000 sound and music production companies across Canada. When you find something that catches your eye, book a session with us to collaborate on your job application. We’ll help you put your best foot forward.


An extra semester to grow

Upon your graduation, we invite you to apply for an internship at Recording Arts Canada. Immerse yourself in projects that transfer everything you’ve learned into real-world scenarios.

Next session: May 2021

Ready to launch your professional career in under a year?

Online program

If you prefer to study from home and earn a college diploma from RAC Montreal (Canadian students) or a certificate from RAC Montreal (non-Canadian students).

Apply to RAC Online

On-site program

If you prefer to study and earn a college diploma at RAC Montreal or Toronto. Note that on-site students are participating in our online version until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Apply to RAC Montreal or Toronto

How do we compare to a university program?

Our program consists of 920 hours of specialized training—800 hours of curriculum and 120 hours of additional workshops—and it all happens in less than a year.

A four-year university program, by contrast, typically consists of 675 hours of major courses and another 675 hours of irrelevant elective courses. That's 245 hours less relevant training than our program, and it takes four times longer to finish it.

rac vs university training hours

Alumni in the industry

rac grads at work

Applicants have our full support.

Apply now and we'll personally reach out to offer:


1-on-1 feedback session with an RAC mentor

Functional skills & career plan assessment

Financial aid simulation with our registrar's office

Support throughout the admissions process

Recording Arts Canada is a sound and music production college with campuses in downtown Montreal and Toronto. We're registered by Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities and by Quebec's Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Canadian students qualify to apply for financial aid, and international students qualify to apply for post-study work permits.

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