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We’re constantly building creative and business partnerships with people active in the field of sound and music. Specifically, we’re looking for artists, industry professionals, and business reps.

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Business representatives

Hire our grads, test your products, or sign our talent!

Hire our grads

LANDR. Solotech. CBC. PSAV. Triotech. Stingray. TSN. All these companies and more have hired graduates of Recording Arts Canada. Join the massive list of businesses benefiting from the expertise of our grads. Share a job opportunity or partner with us as an official employer.

Test your products

Hardware and software companies alike have worked with us to conduct market research or test new products with our faculty, students, and grads.

Sign our talent

Labels and managers looking to build their talent rosters are invited to reach out to RAC community members who fit your profile.

Industry professionals

Join our team as a freelancer, part-time, or full-time member.

Workshop host

Offer a one-off workshop that complements our curriculum. Whatever your background—production, marketing, management, personal finance, and even complementary domains such as graphic design and videography—our students are eager to mine your experience.

Guest lecturer

Guest lecture one or more lessons taught in our Sound and Music Production program. Refer to our curriculum for the full list of courses offered. We consider candidates that meet the requirements of a lead instructor, or anyone with expert knowledge in at least one topic covered in our courses.

Part- or full-time instructor

Serve as lead instructor for one or more courses taught in our Sound and Music Production program. Refer to our curriculum for the full list of courses offered. Candidates must have (1) at least 10 years of experience in any of the domains reflected in our courses; OR (2) university-level post-graduate studies AND at least three years of professional experience; OR (3) at least three years of teaching experience.

Studio & teaching assistant

Bring your expertise to the classroom (lectures, labs, and studios), and enhance the student learning experience. Candidates must be proficient in ProTools, Logic Pro, Reason, macOS, analog and digital consoles, and have an expert understanding of signal flow and studio management.

Student services

Reporting to the Director of Educational Services, you’ll oversee many facets of registration, financial aid, record keeping, academic advising, and graduation. Provide leadership and guidance to the admissions department and analyze data to inform decision-makers. Montreal applicants must be fully bilingual.


Calling all sound designers, music creators, producers, and performers!

Recording & mixing

Our students love collaborating with local artists. Participate in a student’s final project (anything from pre-production to the final mixdown) and benefit from free recording and mixing sessions. You’ll receive the raw session files as well as student mixes, both of which may be published.

Live performances

Every semester, we host concerts in Montreal and Toronto with live sound provided by Recording Arts Canada. These events are great opportunities to connect with artists and celebrate the local music scene. Additionally, our marketing department works with participating artists to develop promotional material. 

Open mic

Each campus hosts a weekly open mic session where you can showcase your skills, try out new music, and get feedback from a supportive group. All local artists looking to collaborate and practice playing live are invited to join in on the fun.

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Recording Arts Canada is a sound and music production college with campuses in downtown Montreal and Toronto. We're registered by Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities and by Quebec's Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Canadian students qualify to apply for financial aid, and international students qualify to apply for post-study work permits.

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