The senior signal processing engineer will help improve the automatic speech recognition (ASR) performance in a wide range of scenarios. The incumbent will be responsible for addressing challenging noise environments such as high wind, background TV, and other difficult non-stationary noise and reduce the negative impact of these noises on our speech-to-meaning pipeline.

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  • Lead high-impact speech enhancement projects that will improve ASR performance
  • Perform R&D and design innovative audio signal processing technologies for speech enhancement
  • Implement and evaluate signal processing algorithms
  • Provide technical guidance to junior members

Company Profile: SoundHound Inc.

SoundHound Inc. builds voice AI products that make it easier for people to engage with the world around them. Their customized voice AI solutions allow people to talk to phones, cars, smart speakers, mobile apps, coffee machines, and every other part of the emerging ‘voice-first’ world and make it possible for companies to extend their brands in new and meaningful ways. 

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This role requires a thorough understanding of noise reduction, acoustic echo cancellation, acoustic noise cancellation, gain control, microphone arrays, beam forming, and source separation. If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.