The senior sound designer is involved in virtually every aspect of game audio content development and will help create a fresh new AAA aural experience for Sledgehammer’s latest project. As a founding member of the new Toronto team, the senior sound designer will partner with global teams in Foster City, California and Melbourne, Victoria, to create epic content for some of the biggest games in the world.

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  • Interactive and linear sound effects design.
  • In-depth real-time audio-control scripting.
  • Audio asset implementation. 
  • Mixing & mastering. 
  • Field recording. 
  • Dialogue processing. 
  • Music editing. 
  • Audio tools & run-time systems design collaboration.

Company Profile: Sledgehammer Games

Sledgehammer Games is an award-winning developer of several titles in the Call of Duty franchise. Wholly owned by Activision, the studio is navigating its 2nd decade of game development, focused on constant evolution, innovation and qualified risk-taking – which are some of the most rewarding aspects of game development. With world-class content production and engineering teams, SHG has achieved some of the highest-quality game execution of any studio in the industry. 

Missing a skill?

This role calls for in-depth knowledge of mixing and mastering techniques, music editing, Foley/interactive sound effect design, and field recording. If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.