Under the supervision of the audio manager and in collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in creating Gameloft’s properties, the audio director will take responsibility for all video game sound content, ultimately defining the artistic direction for music, sound effects and voiceovers. 

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  • Define content and technical needs of video games
  • Stage sound elements in games to support gameplay mechanics, bolster narrative and emotional elements and create the best experience for players
  • Provide advice, suggest improvements, and ask for changes when necessary (as much for sound effects as for music and voiceovers)
  • Consider and adopt new technical solutions relevant to the department
  • Supervise and take part in the creation of in-game audio systems
  • Oversee the creation of audio tools based on project needs
  • Take responsibility for project progress
  • Supervise the content-approval processes with our partners when necessary
  • Participate in the creation of processes to improve quality, organization and productivity
  • Share know-how and act as a mentor
  • Participate in the distribution of the team’s workload, as well as in the assignment of projects
  • Support the audio manager in maintaining a well-organized and productive team within a good working atmosphere

Company Profile: Gameloft Montreal

Gameloft is a leading mobile game developer, publisher and industry innovator since 2000. Creating games for all digital platforms (two of which are featured in App Annie’s “Top 10 games by All-time Worldwide Downloads” list), Gameloft develops its own hugely successful franchises such as Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter, and partners with major rights holders such as Disney, Universal, Marvel, and Hasbro, to name just a few. Gameloft distributes its games in more than 100 countries and reaches over 114 million unique users monthly. 

Missing a skill?

This role requires a solid background in sound design and a thorough understanding of audio techniques (mixing, processing, compression) and associated tools (DAWs, plugins, editors, etc.). If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.