From sound design to dialogue editing to studio recording, the audio artist is a key contributor to all aspects of videogame audio production.

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  • VO post-production, including asset management, session prep, editing, levelling, etc.
  • Sound design: ambience, effects, foley, etc.
  • Mixing: Linear (cinematics) or dynamic (gameplay) in stereo, 5.1, etc.
  • Studio Recording: Session prep, client/talent management, session QA, etc.
  • Audio integration using Wwise in various game engines (Unreal, Unity, etc.)
  • Actively collaborate with team leads and teammates to maintain continuity, share information and follow technical briefs
  • Maintain a high level of communication, organization and time management

Company Profile: Game On

Founded by RAC grad Samuel Girardin, Game On is a strategic partner in the creation of video games, motion capture, and more. Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Mad Max, and Deadpool are just a few of the A-list projects GameOn has lent its expertise to. Its experienced and highly talented team of creators is all about perfecting and innovating industry practices. Game On’s mission is to support game creators by producing vibrant and adapted content for their IP.

Missing a skill?

This role requires a strong command of sound design principles, knowledge of DAWs, foley recording and audio programming. A college-level training or certification is considered an asset. If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.