The audio development tester is responsible for the final validation of game audio before integration. Taking ownership of a specific product feature, the audio development tester will work with designers and programmers to source problems and resolve them, ensuring that no bugs or errors make it into the game’s final version.

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  • Collaborate with your team leader to understand the overall game vision and design documents.
  • Develop test strategy, create test plans and write test cases for the feature/functionality you are responsible for.
  • Track bugs found by internal and external teams, and coordinate their fix (sort, prorate and assign to relevant developers).
  • Work with other development testers to stay current, fix functionality, suggest solutions, share knowledge, etc.
  • Meet with the development team to discuss progress, offer your creative input, etc.
  • Create custom versions of the game, reproducing bugs to assess their risks.
  • Write and maintain documentation detailing bugs found and their sources.
  • Contribute automated test ideas and solutions to optimize the testing process.
  • Create automated tests and analyze test results

Company Profile: Ubisoft

Ubisoft is a leader in the video game industry. Located in Montreal’s vibrant Mile End district, Ubisoft’s team is made up of talented developers connected by their need to innovate, be creative, and work with cutting-edge technologies. Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Rainbow Six and Watch Dogs are just a few of the AAA franchises created by Ubisoft’s roster of top industry talent. 

Missing a skill?

This role requires a college degree in sound design, or equivalent training. If you’re interested in these types of roles and need help meeting the requirements, please contact our admissions team.