Legendary Hip Hop artist manager Steve Lobel visited RAC Toronto for the 2nd time in 6 months to hear up and coming Hip Hop artists audition for him, and to share his experience and knowledge with a full house at RAC’s Theatre. It was as smash hit, again!  Lobel is a very entertaining speaker who speaks his mind. He puts a lot of stock on work ethic, respect, and learning the trade and being prepared. Lobel constantly tells young artists “to be humble and just outwork everyone else”.

Lobel advised the young artists in attendance to recognize that they are “going in to busines with sharks, make sure you have a plan”. He went further to say “a lot of artists aren’t consistent, they need to know their audience and be consistent with their music, style and promotion.” Comparing businesses to artistis, Lobel said “the biggest and most succesful brands and artists are always emotionally attached to the consumer.” At one point Lobel, displaying the spirit of respect and kindness he preaches with conviction, took a 20 second phone call from his 82 year old father and humourously and affectionately introduced him to the crowd. The man is gracious and made sure to call his dad back after the workshop.

RAC continually builds and delivers a highly engaged community of industry pros, artists, students and alumni. RAC is a very dynamic and creative incubator that provides everyone with great opportunity for valuable interaction.