On successfully launching a second career in sound design

Once a passionate forest firefighter, Dimitri Marshall suddenly felt the need for a change after attending an electronic music festival in his hometown of Nelson, British Columbia.  “I remember hearing Dubstep for the first time and was interested in how they made those sounds and wanted to do it myself,” Marshall said. In his spare time, he started experimenting with music creation but soon realized there were gaps in his technique that were keeping him from getting a professional sound.
One day he had an epiphany: being a firefighter was lucrative and exciting, but it was no longer fulfilling. He wanted a career in sound and understood that he’d have to make major life changes to get where he wanted to go. After considerable reflection, he chose Montreal over Vancouver due to its affordability, vibrant music scene and the booming entertainment job market.
Marshall talks about his initial visit to the Recording Arts campus in 2017, “I met with many of the teachers, and it gave me confidence that they had the resources I needed to accelerate my career and get the support I was looking for.”
Like many students at RAC, Marshall quickly developed a creative network, including fellow student and singer Zina Cantave. “I collaborated with Zina on her music video, where I got to mix her song and manage the production,” Marshall said, adding that this project was a key piece in his portfolio that got him hired at Ludia, a Montreal-based video game company.
Marshall is a great example that it’s never too late to change paths when you realize you want more out of life.
Whether you’re just out of high school or looking to pivot careers, Recording Arts Canada is a great resource to help you accomplish your goals.