What a show! Daze hammered the club with straight up Rock while High and Mighty delivered a great “Americana” set. The lead singers for both bands can really belt it out. Ottawa-based High Waters laid down some rich sonic textures, played with emotion and displayed some serious chops. The winners of our “friendly contest”, Montreal’s own Natation, got the crowd dancing to their New Wave-esque Dance Rock. Special guests Kristel Risetouched the crowd with her gentle songs, and rapper Kass was a pleasant surprise with her urban songs. DJs J.Y.B and Saurabh Balani provided some cool beats to manage the mood in between sets.

Kudos to RAC students and teachers for staging a great production and delivering excellent sound. A big “Thank You” to our judges Boris Petrowski (Music Composer and Studio Mixart owner), Jerry De Villiers Jr. (Guitarist Extraordinaire – Gary Husband, Vinnie Colaiuta), Liz Imperiale (Bucketlist Music Reviews) and Val Lippé (Crystal Math Records – crystalmath.net )! And let’s not forget our “Dynamic Duo” of MCs for the night, Darrell and Nicolas G. Kébreau and Burn Cast on video and photography. More to come soon!