Rapid-fire questions 

Age: 36 but I look like 29

Favourite plugin: The Arturia bundle

Favourite artist/band: Pablo Fierro 

Number of countries travelled to: Just one – this lovely country called Canada 

Favourite food: Tacos (I miss them, Mexican tacos are lit!), sushi & pizza

Number of shows performed at: Wow I can’t track the number, but I started when I was  16. Now I’m 36!

Dream venue to perform at: Tomorrowland!

RAC: You performed at the Medusa festival in Mexico. How did you get an opportunity like that?

Klash: I got that opportunity thanks to Abstractive Music, my record label at that time. They did a lot for me and helped me develop my career as a DJ. I also published a track in the Medusa compilation which was produced on vinyl as well. I have 2 copies with me.

Klash Rivera performing at Medusa festival, in Mexico

RAC: How long have you been working in the audio engineering world? How did you get your start?

Klash: I have been working in the engineering world since 2009. I started doing FOH (Front of House mixing) in my church while I was still going to college.

RAC: What is your favorite memory at RAC?

Klash: I always love when my students get excited and surprised about recreating sounds from other songs in the synthesis lessons!

RAC: Do you have an area of expertise or a position that you particularly like (i.e.: audio engineer, producer, musician, instructor, etc.)?

Klash: I have a lot of answers for this question! There are many areas that I love. One of them is being a producer and being able to capture all the ideas that go through my mind. My facet as a DJ is also something I enjoy a lot! Being able to give the public a night of sonic sensations through the development of my sets is something truly priceless.

Being an instructor is also something that I like very much. Sharing my experience and ideas, and contributing to the community what I have learned over the years is enriching.

RAC: When it comes to producing, we know that your go-to music genre is house. What subgenre of house music do you prefer producing? 

Klash: That depends on what I’m going through at the moment and my mood. There are moments in which I focus my mind on Afro House, sometimes Tech-House, and recently House-Disco. I let God and my body guide me on this.

Listen to music by Bhubesi (one of Klash Rivera’s alter egos) on Spotify:

RAC: Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations?

Klash: Pablo Fierro, Andres Mijangos (one of the best House Music producers in Mexico), Alex Preston, Nina Simone, Snarky Puppy.

RAC: Are you working on any projects that we should know about?

Klash: I recently released a remix for Superlover and Filizola called The Music I Need. It’s a House-Disco track. You will definitely love it. I’m also working on my first Amapiano track and wishing to collaborate with some of my students!

Klash in the studio

RAC: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Klash: The power of controlling time!!! Definitely. I would add more hours to my day so I could keep on working on new stuff! 

RAC: What time do you prefer creating music – morning, afternoon, or night? Why?

Klash: The time of day doesn’t matter much to me. I’ll create whenever I feel like it. I go with how I’m feeling. If I’m vibrating with my creation at 8 a.m., I’ll do it! If not, I will stop working until my body feels the vibe again, probably the next day at 8 p.m.

Written by Liam Clarke

Illustration by Yihong Guo