Here at RAC, we’re always paying attention to new releases (big and small) and keeping up with our favourite musicians and producers. 2024 is already off to a promising start, with new albums from artists like Kid Cudi (Insano), Kali Uchis (Orquídeas), Green Day (Saviors), and Allie X (Girl With No Face). The year in music shows no sign of slowing down, and the RAC team wanted to share some of the upcoming releases that we’re most excited about. From global superstars to lesser-known indie darlings, we’ve got you covered!

Liam’s pick: Bleachers – Bleachers (3/8) 

I’m really looking forward to the new self-titled album by an artist called Bleachers. I’m excited for this release because Bleachers (Jack Antonoff) is also one of the main producers of The 1975 – a band I love, heavily influenced by the sound of the 80s, featuring vintage synth and a modern feel. Antonoff’s previous music is in that same kind of genre as well.

My band Beach Season is also finishing our album right now. Looking forward to that being out!

– Liam Clarke, RAC content creator, multi-instrumentalist

Holly’s pick: Tierra Whack – WORLD WIDE WHACK (3/15)

A random Youtube recommendation led me to Tierra’s single “Chanel Pit”. I soon got attracted by her strong personal style: catchy rhythms, playful lyrics, and of course, the super fun music videos. As a female rapper, she stands out from all the bosoms and bottoms; as a songwriter, she mixes her funky true colour with her mad creativity well. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to her new debut album – I assume it’s going to be perfect for the spring.

Holly Li, RAC illustrator, graphic designer, photographer

Tyrus’ pick: Tyla – Tyla (3/22)

It’s been a while since I’ve really fallen in love with a new music genre. Typically my playlists stay nice and cozy inside their Hip Hop and House comfort zones. That all changed earlier this year when my friend Freddy introduced me to “Water” by Tyla. I was mesmerized by the energetic percussion and unique bass textures of Amapiano.

Similarly, it’s been a while since I’ve felt excited to hear a new album, but Tyla’s self-titled debut project has me feeling like a kid in the weeks before Christmas. I’m curious to see if she’ll not only recapture the magic of her smash hit, but establish a unique identity for herself within the Amapiano genre.

– Tyrus Facey, RAC community content creator, wordsmith

Marley’s pick: Khruangbin – A La Sala (4/5)

Khruangbin is coming out with A La Sala on April 5 which should be good. I’m excited for this one because Khruangbin makes it feel like mid-July and I’ve had enough of February. And Childish Gambino, one of my favourite creators, promised something for this year – it’s been a while since he’s put out any music. The thing with Childish is he keeps saying he wants to quit music but can’t seem to step away.

– Marley Keca, RAC marketing director, not an artist but took piano lessons as a child

Caroline’s pick: Pet Shop Boys – Nonetheless (4/26)

Pet Shop Boys have already released the first single “Loneliness” from their album Nonetheless, coming out April 26, 2024. I expect the catchy, danceable melodies of the 80s, along with the era’s famous synth sounds. I like that over the years, the iconic electronic music duo has remained faithful to its roots, while exploring different genres like dance, disco, and house.

I also wanted to mention that iamamiwhoami released a remix album, Be Here Soon (Remixes). Fans of ethereal electro pop, synthpop and art pop are in for a treat when they listen to all her albums: a marvellous world where tones, dimensions, and compositions captivate the listener. In the same vein, you’ll be able to listen to two new tracks in 2024 from singer-songwriter and RAC graduate Colibri.

– Caroline Boivin, RAC grad and contributor, singer-songwriter

Andria’s pick: Charlotte Day Wilson – Cyan Blue (5/3) 

I first discovered Charlotte Day Wilson when she was featured on a song by another favourite artist of mine, Daniel Caesar. I then found her single “Work”, which I became obsessed with, and I’ve been listening to her since. She’s an incredible songwriter and her voice is deliciously moody. Plus, she’s a fellow Canadian! The first single “I Don’t Love You” off her upcoming album just dropped and I can’t wait to hear the full body of work. 

Andria Piperni, RAC contributor, freelance writer, singer-songwriter

Maryse’s pick: Lana Del Rey – Lasso (September)

When Lana Del Rey announced that her tenth studio album was going country, critics and audiences alike weren’t entirely surprised. The thematically-inclined artist has already embraced Americana aesthetics and leaned in a Western direction for music videos like “Ride,” and her recent cover of “Take Me Home, Country Roads” foreshadowed the genre pivot. 

Personally, country music has never really been my thing, but if anyone can rope me in (pardon the pun), it’s Lana. I’m still loving her last album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd, but, like all LDR fans, I’m always ravenous for more from the prolific singer-songwriter.

I also make music as Maryze, and I’ll be releasing a cover of “Cool” by Gwen Stefani in April!

– Maryse Bernard, RAC content manager and editor-in-chief, singer-songwriter, artist

Christelle’s pick: Sarah Rossy – Seemingly Insatiable Waves (more music later this year)

I felt no less than a shift attending Sarah Rossy’s Seemingly Insatiable Waves EP launch in late January. I was hearing the songs for the first time, yet I couldn’t get them out of my head – and have been singing along aloud ever since. Rossy’s stirringly relatable poetry is highlighted by their incredible vocal capacity, while the album carries an impressive craft of psych-pop, jazz, and indie. The album falls short of 20 minutes, but a little goes a long way here, giving plenty to satiate. The good news is that Rossy is already at work with some music to be released later this year. I am still not done listening on repeat, yet cannot wait to hear more from Sarah Rossy!

– Christelle Saint-Julien, RAC contributor, musician

Written by Maryse Bernard

Illustration by Holly Li