In the late 2000s, fidget house began to evolve into complextro. By the time the term was coined by Porter Robinson, the complextro style had already emerged in songs by artists like Skrillex and Savant.


Elements of fidget house, dubstep, and techno can all be found in complextro music.


Keeping the signature choppy aesthetic of fidget house and adding more prominent dubstep wobble and advanced basslines, complextro features more complex arrangements than its predecessor.

Porter Robinson – “Say My Name”

North Carolina, 2010

Porter Robinson coined the term complextro to describe songs he was putting out at the time like “Say My Name”.

Skrillex – “Kill Everybody”

Los Angeles, 2010

Early work by Skrillex includes his masterful complextro banger “Kill Everybody”.

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner – “The Devil’s Den”

Los Angeles, 2011

Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner release “The Devil’s Den”, further establishing their dubstep-inspired sound palette within complextro music.

Knife Party – “Internet Friends”

Perth, 2011

Knife Party releases “Internet Friends”, their first of many complextro staples.

Porter Robinson – “Language”

North Carolina, 2012

Porter Robinson’s slower, melodic single “Language” features a big room lead synth in a complextro classic.

Kill The Noise – “Saturn”

New York, 2012

“Saturn” by Kill The Noise juxtaposes dreamy female vocal harmonies with a deep dubstep growl.

Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth – “BONK!”

Vancouver, 2014

Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth drop the fun and funky single “BONK!”.

Porter Robinson & Amy Millan – “Divinity”

North Carolina, 2014

Porter Robinson’s slow complextro anthem “Divinity” featuring Amy Millan becomes an instant classic.

Mord Fustang – “Elite Beat Agent”

Estonia, 2015

Mord Fustang’s “Elite Beat Agent” features a pitchy clipped synth with classic house drops and big rolling bass.