Recording Arts Canada Review : Media Arts School Reviews by current RAC Toronto students. 

When asked to describe a defining moment while studying at RAC, here’s what current students are saying about Recording Arts Canada / RAC Toronto :

“The defining moment? The moment I stepped in the building!” • Blay Armah

“It’s difficult to choose just one moment because I’ve actually had many valuable experiences since I started here at RAC. I might choose all the lectures from “Signal processing” from the first term, and the main reason for this is that there was a lot of theory that answered the many doubts I had the previous years I was producing music.”  • Daniel Medina Ledo 

“I really found every moment at RAC a defining moment. Every day was great, but I recently found electro techniques and sound reinforcement enlightening, although I was intrigued by the other courses. Studying at RAC was amazing.” • Glen George

“One of my most valuable RAC experiences was to get to know amazing and talented people. As well as have the pleasure to work with great teachers and staff specifically Rob Sanzo, Danny J, and Brian Nevin. Another valuable RAC experience was studio time, whether we were working on a lively recording session or post-production.” • Erick Trejo-Beltrain

Photo: RAC Toronto’s 5.1 Surround Mix Theatre with Lafonte Film Mixing Console.