Nowadays, talented artists are everywhere: online, at your local coffee shop, or busking in the street. Unfortunately, many don’t go much further than that for reasons that have very little to do with talent.

Building Your Network for Artistic Success

Building a strong network is absolutely essential in creating a name for yourself as an artist. Our friends over at Linkaband shed some light on some of the key networking tips to help you get started.

Look to the stars

Take a look at Ed Sheeran’s career. With a trophy case full of Grammys and millions of dollars in the bank, it’s hard to believe that he was singing and sleeping in London parking lots only ten years ago. Or how about Lil’ Kim? How did she manage to go from sleeping in her mother’s trunk as a child to joining Notorious B.I.G.’s crew? Without having dropped a whole lot of money, most artists will tell you that the secret to their success started with a little perseverance, building up their network, and making the right connections.

Get onstage

It may seem obvious, but a great first step in building your network is hanging out with other musicians. Concert venues are an ideal choice. You never know where producers or industry insiders are hiding, so use every opportunity to get in front of an audience, whether it be for jam sessions, private events, pub nights, restaurant performances or even karaoke!

Support your fellow musicians

Start seeing your fellow musicians as allies rather than competitors. Not only are your peers a wealth of information and experiences, but they also offer great opportunities for collaboration and the mutual sharing of contacts. 

Music schools

Music schools offer fantastic opportunities to expand your network and learn from professionals who have experience in the field. Whether it’s your piano teacher, university profs, or a team of recording professionals, your teachers and mentors will be able to provide you with insider tips, guidance and motivation, and the valuable skills to help you keep that competitive edge.

Artist promotion platforms

New promotional tools are continually being introduced to help musicians reach a broader market. Through connecting musicians directly with concert organizers, services like Linkaband make it easier for musicians to find gigs by creating and hosting their profiles, increasing their visibility, and handling administrative and booking operations. Furthermore, services such as these can help you find a wider variety of gigs, such as weddings, private parties, and even corporate events.