In the highly competitive sound industry, technology is ever changing and evolving. A modern sound technician’s greatest asset is professional training. Today, more than ever before, the industry seeks individuals that have both solid theoretical knowledge and practical hands on training. Recordings Arts Canada’s (RAC) program is the best way for you to acquire the competent skills you require to meet the needs of the industry.

At RAC, our teachers have a strong grasp of the concepts that are essential to the industry because, not only do they teach those concepts, but they also actively use them as participating professionals in the music and sound domain.  RAC teachers are highly regarded for their expertise, and their work, by their industry peers.

Here are some examples.

Carlos Prieto. His work as an engineer has earned him 5 nominations at the 2010 Gala de L’ADISQ. The different categories included Album Of The Year for “Classique orchestre et grand ensemble”, Album Of The Year for “Soliste et petit ensemble,” as well as Sound Recording And Editing Of The Year. He also won a Félix Award for Album Of The Year Classique/Vocal category. Carlos currently teaches both our Recording Techniques classes and Studio Production Techniques classes.

Brett Leonard and Doyuen Ko.  Both teachers recently participated at the 40th International Audio Engineering Society (AES) Conference where they co-presented their unique 22.2 surround sound system for use in production for music and film.  This system is the first of it’s kind in the sound industry because it lets engineers use new sound wave vibrations by utilizing multi-channel reverb and a spatial design system. Brett teaches our Intro to Electro-techniques class and Doyuen teaches our Acoustics class.

Jemi Sitanayah. Jemi is very heavily involved in the sound mixing and mastering industry of his home country of Indonesia and the surrounding islands. He works with some of Indonesia’s most popular artists including Joeniar Arief and Dea Mirella. Recently, Jemi worked on and finished a number of projects that have earned him several awards at the 33rd International Film Festival in Hong Kong. Jemi teaches RAC courses on Signal-Processing

Boris Petrowski.  Boris is presently producing, and working on orchestration, for various artists including Marie-Élaine Thibert, Stefie Shock, Claude Dubois, Zachary Richard, and Les Respectables. Boris is the proprietor of the highly respected MIXART studio in Montreal. Boris teaches the Computers and Music class as well as the Aesthetics of Music class at RAC.

Isabelle Dussault. Isabelle is presently composing pieces for the guitar duo Guitartare. She is also preparing a composition of electroacoustic pieces for well-known choreographer Dany Desjardins for an upcoming contemporary dance choreography. Isabelle teaches Acoustics at RAC

As RAC employs a number of professionals who are very active and knowledgeable of the many facets of this ever-evolving industry, our students directly benefit from our teachers experience and knowledge base. There is a great potential for learning as teachers at the RAC include their professional experience into the classroom lectures.  The industry-specific knowledge that RAC students are exposed to during the course of their education will give RAC students exactly what they need to network and build successful careers for a future built on their music and sound passion