Pineapple Destruction, who wishes to conceal his true identity, is a recent graduate of RAC and electronic music DJ; born in Rimouski and raised in Ottawa where he got his start in music creating and experimenting with beats.

Knowing that making a living as a DJ is tough sledding these days, Laurier is constantly working on his technical and musical skills to set himself apart.

From a branding point of view, his image as Pineapple Destruction features a pineapple mask that is both entertaining and comical. His dance moves are another aspect of his performance that many know him for.

In his most recent performance captured on our IGTV he dances with two pineapples – changing the status quo of what electronic performances can and could be.

“I used to be called something else, but I felt I needed a change because it was too similar to another artist,” he explained, mentioning, through a smirk, that he got the inspiration for his current name from a DJ name generator.

Pineapple Destruction only just recently began building his brand, before that he was a student at RAC and simply someone with a passion for music.  

“I learned a lot at RAC that I realized after the fact would have been difficult to research on my own.” Learning the different scales and structures in music, furthered his own compositions and gave him the confidence to start putting his work out there.

Aside from the hands-on learning aspects that Pineapple Destruction enjoyed, it was the theory he was exposed to in lectures. “Learning about acoustics and how humans perceive sound is really amazing and important,” Pineapple Destruction said.  

“I tried to spend as much time as I could with these people to learn from them because the knowledge I was getting was priceless,” Destruction explained, commenting on how much he had learned in a period of one year.

Laurier explained, “I spent so much time with some of these teachers that they have become my friends and people that I can trust in this business.” This precious time allowed him to get valuable feedback from teachers that he looked up to.

Pineapple Destruction is currently breaking into the music scene in Montreal, playing at different venues, with the aspiration of performing at Piknic Electronik and New City Gas sometime soon.

“The love for the craft keeps me going,” Pineapple Destruction explained, mentioning that it is his favorite thing to do in the world.

If it is not his music that is keeping him busy, it is building up his brand and refining his message.

“This is the first version of the pineapple so I’m in the process of perfecting it,” Pineapple Destruction said, showing us his mask.

Contrary to what his fans may think, Pineapple Destruction finds it challenging to perform in the mask. “Because I’m hiding my facial expressions, the audience is much more fixated on my body language, therefore I have to be much more expressive on stage.”

Dedication and work ethic are indeed the keys to success, but without being passionate about what you are doing there is no determination to succeed. Pineapple Destruction is both and we are excited to see where his next year will go.

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