Why are you studying Sound & Music Recording? I want an education so I can record and produce music.  I’m a musician first and music is a part of who I am.   Knowing how sound & music works is important for my career.

Why did you choose RAC? My friend Max, who’s also at the school, showed me RAC’s website.  I called the school to find out more and here I am.

What do you think of Toronto now that you live here? I think Toronto is an awesome place.  The people are friendly and there is so much you can do.  You’re not limited to anything.  Employment and entertainment are very much available especially in this neighborhood where the music and film industry is very vibrant and again the people are very friendly.  I’m into jazz and I grew up in the church playing gospel music.  And now that spring is just around the corner I’m looking into all the festivals coming up in this area.

I feel very welcome in Toronto.

Did you apply to CITIZENSHIP & IMMIGRATION CANADA on your own or did you use an immigration consultant/lawyer? I used the consultant that the school recommended.  The process was much easier than I expected.  It wasn’t difficult.

What was the biggest challenge when preparing to study in a foreign country? The challenge was just thinking about how I would adapt to a foreign country.  My only concern prior to entering Canada was how would I fit in.  Now I’m very comfortable.  Everything is good.

Are you allowed to work while studying at RAC? I can work 20 hours per week and I’m hoping to extend my work permit upon graduating from RAC.

What recommendations do you have for an international student wanting to study audio in a foreign country? Make sure you know what you want to do with your life and be prepared because you’re venturing into a foreign country.

Do you plan to launch your career in Toronto? Yes, I’m hoping to find a position in live sound upon graduating and I’ve spoke to some of the faculty and I think they might be able to connect me with some key people.  I also have strong relationships with my classmates.  We’re a family, man!   Everyone is knitted together, the vibes are positive and we’re all planning to stay connected and work together.

How did RAC help you? RAC helped me in so many ways.  Prior to my studies I really didn’t know anything about engineering or producing.  I just didn’t know my way around a studio or a digital audio workstation.  But the teachers, instructors and even the students helped me to come up to a level where I can work in a studio on my own. RAC has been the greatest help, the greatest impact.

How did RAC help with your visa? RAC helped me with my visa study & work permits, connected me with an immigration consultant and they also kept tabs on me and made sure things were progressing.  They even offered help in finding housing but fortunately for me I had a friend here in Toronto.  The school was supportive in every way.

What is the best part of your experience so far? The best part is being around like-minded people that are as passionate about music as I am.

Would you consider providing direct feedback to someone from Antigua considering RAC?  I’d definitely like to share my thoughts with someone interested in sound & music recording.  RAC has been a positive experience for me.   I’d also tell people not to procrastinate.  I delayed because I was a bit intimidated by the visa process but looking back it really wasn’t complicated.  In fact, it was easy, especially when you have a consultant guiding you and coaching you. My consultant, Claudia and her assistant, were extremely helpful and I plan to personally visit her just to thank her.