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RAC Digital Arts College Review

Read student reviews of RAC Digital Arts College. 

“Since actively pursuing a new career by attending RAC I’ve had daily epiphanies that not only is this the right field for me, but I learn more things that blow my mind everyday! During lectures that deal with post-production I would literally be on the edge of my seat anticipating what golden nuggets would be passed along to me. The lecture on Ben Burtt of Star Wars fame was almost like a religious experience. Since 1977 I’ve been a diehard fan of Star Wars and learning how they achieved their Grammy award winning sound effects was like discovering the secrets of life. It has given me the drive and goal of working in the field of post-production and sound effects as a new career.”

Michael Tucker

“This one year at RAC has taught me so much about the music industry as well as being a studio engineer. The TAs and teachers were nice and they made learning at RAC a fun. Enjoyed a lot of studio sessions especially for our Matrix audio production. Wish it was longer than one year. Wish everyone a great summer and success in the future. Special thanks to Matt for helping me with concepts that I didn’t understand and for the test reviews.”

Narmada Naguleswarajah

“I love using the Neve.  It was great working with vintage analog boards. The staff here are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. The TAs are always available for extra help.”

Gayan Jajorah

“The most valuable experience for me in this school was doing post-production. It was a great experience working with other talented students and putting ideas into the project. I had a lot of fun, shared a lot of laughs and it was never a boring project. I learned so much from the post-production final project because it gave me a better understanding of the big responsibilities of an audio engineer”

Andres Guerra

“I really enjoyed the hands on experience that I received while I was here. Getting to test the various waters of the music industry and having something to show for it in the end. Excellent staff, and great memories”

 Ryan Parker