Adam Herdman, like many of us, has a huge passion for making and recording music. Adam has parlayed that passion into a multi-faceted career: artist, musician, recording engineer and radio producer. Adam is currently working at Toronto’s flagship rock and alternative stations Q107 and Edge 102.1.

What was your background in music prior to enrolling to RAC?

It all started with using a keyboard and recording it to a tape deck using an adapter and mixing on the fly with sounds and samples from my computer. I eventually upgraded to a couple different pieces of software and DAW’s and starting building my home studio around it. Now I’m composing and recording and mixing all in Pro Tools at my home studio.

What kind of music projects did you do before and after graduating from RAC?

I’ve mostly been independent when it comes to music projects. I first started my solo act as Platinum Dragon17 and later migrated into a band where I was in charge of vocals, keyboards and samples. I later introduced my newest solo persona, Bullet of Reason, which has really taken off compared to my older work… then again I brought this project to life shortly after I understood how to actually produce things that didn’t sound like mud.

What was your experience like at RAC? Did anything particularly influential happen during your studies at RAC that shaped the decisions you’ve made since graduating?

My experience was quite a good one. RAC really gave me the knowledge I was seeking. I used to just put stuff onto recordings because it sounded “cool” or because it needed a little more “punch”, but I never really understood what I was actually doing. RAC has answered those questions and now I get the science and audio magic behind the scenes.

Any recording session experience that was particularly memorable?

I’ve recorded a lot of stuff for radio and so many of my own songs. Having the opportunity to voice with some of the larger names in the Toronto market is up there. It’s awesome to grow up listening to these voices and then to be in the same studio with them. It’s always a remarkable experience for me. When it comes to my music, I’d have to say that the most memorable experiences are the ones where I can sit back and listen to what I’ve just recorded knowing I was able to capture what was in my head.

Any person or group that has really impacted you or your work?

Klayton of Celldweller has really impacted the way I go about producing anything.

Tell us about your current work and how it came about?

As of right now, I’m working in radio as a commercial producer.

What is your role?

My role in radio production is to take care of putting together scripts and radio commercials and imaging pieces. Those little segments you hear after the music, or on the “break”, I make those things come to life.

What are your future goals and ambitions?

As much as I do enjoy radio, I’d really like to branch out into working behind the board for bands and musicians. I love getting my fingers dirty with consoles and having the ability to tweak and manipulate recordings to make them as good as possible, while still holding true to the vision the artist. I want to share my experiences and help others where they can say “yeah man, that was a sweet track”.

Do you have any advice for people interested in starting a career in audio or music?

Do it. If you want to make music then just pick up whatever instrument you want and start playing the living hell out of it. There’s nothing more rewarding.

What opinion of the recording biz would you share with our readers?

Always be prepared for anything. Also, if you don’t have passion then get out.