Stephen Williams, RAC graduate (2006) discusses how he started his own successful record label, his work as a producer, and his some of his music business experiences.

“Developing authentic artists who define the next generation of music.”
That’s Stephen Williams’ motto. It’s how he defines himself, his company and his mission.
Stephen Williams, a Recording Arts Canada graduate (2006) cofounded an independent Toronto recording label called King Luck Music (KLM). Williams had the opportunity to sit down with us and share some of his experiences in developing his craft as a producer and how he came to running his own label.

Prior to enrolling at Recording Arts Canada, Williams worked in various Toronto studios. Williams notes, “At that time, I started out producing hip-hop, working with local artists and had some success.” But despite his knowledge, Williams admitted to himself “ that I required a lot more than just self-taught skills.” Williams attempted University but the format and content wasn’t for him and he soon lost interest. He needed to significantly advance his knowledge of concepts, procedures, industry standards and production protocols. He was looking for a way to distinguish himself within the recording industry. “I heard about RAC and decided to take the leap into the Sound and Music Recording program, it turned out to be the right place for me.”

Williams credits the variety and depth of classes and RAC instructors with providing a solid base of experience, knowledge and support. Williams was most impressed by the industry preparation he acquired through his studies – not just as a producer but as a business professional. RAC’s Music Business and Music Production classes delivered the foundations and concepts he needed to excel within his working relationships. KLM came together after Williams collaborated with Anna Cyzon. His record label combines music production, artist development and commercial work. Williams stresses that “no one should underestimate the value of networking.” And as co-owner of King Luck Music, Williams utilizes his skills to develop artists by supporting them from the ground up.

Williams’ objective is to “develop more than just sellable talent but authentic artists who define the next generation of music.” His musical influences, namely Outkast and Radiohead, triggered his curiosity to explore and experiment with music, particularly hip hop and rock. The year 2009 invited Juno Nominee video director, Davin Black, to shoot the first single Young Boy from the forthcoming Cyzon EP. That was followed by the second single “Reputation” by visionary director Ingrid Johansson for Miz Monday Productions.

To hear some of Stephen Williams production work with Anna Cyzon, watch here.

Many Recording Arts Canada graduates like Stephen Williams are contributing great work to the music world. RAC is proud of these dedicated and creative individuals.