Evolution of Future House



Future house first appeared on Soundcloud in 2013 when French producer Tchami started tagging his songs as future house. His original intention for the term was to represent music that didn't fall into existing house genres, and was open to interpretation by the electronic community. Meanwhile, Dutch DJ Oliver Heldens left his big room style and started producing a similar style of music that sparked a trend of Tchami-inspired house music. The term future house stuck and, by 2016, was widely accepted as a genre of its own.




Electro house, funk and soul all have major influences on future house. While Tchami's style of future house embodies more elements of funk and fidget house, Heldens's more commonly-followed style is poppier and more rooted in big room.




Vocal hooks ranging from soul to euro pop set up blistering drops with funky, often metallic synth riffs that are sometimes indistinguishable from big room. The combination of these elements with Dutch and fidget house rhythm patterns is what gives future house its distinct sound.



Janet Jackson - "Go Deep" (Tchami Remix)

Paris, 2013


Tchami remixes Janet Jackson’s “Go Deep” and tags it as future house on Soundcloud as a placeholder for any new house music that doesn’t fit an existing mold.



Oliver Heldens X Becky Hill - "Gecko (Overdrive)"

Rotterdam, 2014


Dutch DJ and producer, Oliver Heldens collaborates with Becky Hill in releasing a vocal version of his existing song, Gecko; while "pushing the envelope" with a music video containing grotesque imagery.



Oliver Heldens - "Last All Night (Koala)"

Rotterdam, 2014


Oliver Heldens releases a vocal version of his track "Last All Night (Koala)" while featuring interesting vocals from singer KStewart.



Tchami - "Adieu"

Paris, 2017


Tchami brings a twist to future house with the groovy and relaxing track, "Adieu".



Don Diablo - "Save A Little Love"

Coevorden, 2017


Don Diablo introduces a funky and danceable side to future house with "Save A Little Love".



Don Diablo - "Head Up"

Coevorden, 2018


Don Diablo continues with the funk while including synth driven riffs to his release "Head Up" ft. James Newman.



Mesto & Jonas Aden - "Your Melody"

Amstelveen, 2019


The eerie, unorthodox and hard hitting future house track "Your Melody" is released by Mesto & Jonas Aden.



Tchami - "Rainforest"

Paris, 2019


Tchami releases innovative and experimental synth heavy track: “Rainforest” taking expanding the sonic palette of future house.



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