Why are you studying Sound & Music Recording? I love music and I wanted to go to the best college.  For me music is life. Everything is music. I’m a lawyer but what I really want to do is music professionally and become a music producer.  What better way than through RAC, the best recording school.

Why did you choose to study in Toronto/Canada? I choose Toronto because it is the centre of the economy.  It’s like New York in the U.S. 

Did you apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your own or did you use an immigration consultant/lawyer?  I’m lawyer so I took care of the process myself.  You simply have to follow the rules to the letter and deal directly with the immigration office.  You have to make sure you have all the necessary documents.  It is very simple.  It’s not complicated.  But the entire process takes about three months.  At least that’s what it takes if you’re applying from Venezuela.  It may be different from another country.   The most important thing is to respect the law.  Respect the people.  Canada is giving you the opportunity to bring your culture here.  

What was the biggest challenge when preparing to study in a foreign country? It comes down to just following the rules established by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.   

Are you allowed to work while studying at RAC? Yes, I now have permanent residency but I understand that you can work as an international student while studying at RAC.  It is valuable to acquire work experience while studying in Canada.

What recommendations do you have for an international student wanting to study audio in a foreign country? If you’re going to study music come to RAC.  RAC is with you from the first day you contact them.

Do you plan to launch your career in Toronto? 

How did RAC help you? RAC helped a lot.  For example, I asked for OSAP (government funding) and received considerable support from the registrar.  It’s like a family.

Do you feel welcome in Toronto? Yes.  It’s the best place.  The people are from all around the world.  Lots of different cultures and the people are really friendly.  That’s why I love Canada.  People are always willing to help you.

What is the best part of your experience so far? The people.   From the very first day, it’s been the people.  For example, when I first arrived in Canada I had to cover the cost of my hotel.  The hotel employee told me not to pay him at that moment in U.S. dollars because I would pay a high exchange rate.   He said “you and your family can sleep here and pay me after you go to the bank to exchange your money.  I trust you.”  That hotel employee treated me like I was his family.

Would you consider providing direct feedback to someone from Venezuela  considering RAC? Yes, of course and from any other country as well.