Believe it or not, 2023 is already upon us. The last few years were a bit of a blur, and incredibly tough on the music industry, but 2022 offered a glimmer of hope with the return of more “normal” live shows and tours.

As we move forward, hopefully towards a healthy and happy future, what better way to celebrate the New Year than with a perfectly-timed countdown playlist! From 2000s pop classics to today’s viral TikTok songs, we curated anthemic singalongs – along with the exact time to start playing them – so that the best line hits right when the clock strikes 12. 

#1 “Bye Bye Bye” – *NSYNC (2000)

Wave goodbye to 2022 and hit play on *NSYNC’s millennium hit at 11:59:49 PM so that the first “Bye Bye Bye” kicks in as we enter the New Year!

#2 “Bring Me to Life” – Evanescence (2003)

The goth banger that keeps on giving. If you start playing “Bring me to life” by Evanescence at 11:59:08 on New Year’s Eve, “Wake me up” will hit at midnight and dramatically carry you into 2023!

#3 “About Damn Time” – Lizzo (2022)

It wouldn’t be a modern countdown playlist without some viral TikTok songs! Start Lizzo’s feel-good track at 11:58:49 so that “It’s about damn time” plays at the perfect moment. Bonus points if you know the TikTok dance to the funky bass line.

#4 “Bloody Mary” – Lady Gaga (2011)

If you’ve been on social media in the last couple months of 2022, you’ve surely seen Jenna Ortega’s instantly trending moves from the hit Netflix show Wednesday. If you want to “dance (X3) with my hands (X3) above my head”, cue up “Bloody Mary” for 11:59:22. 

#5 “Anti-Hero” – Taylor Swift (2022)

You don’t have to be a Swiftie to recognize the virality of Taylor Swift’s latest album. To introduce yourself to the New Year (with a dash of melodrama), blast “Anti-Hero” at precisely 11:59:16 and scream-sing “It’s me, hi” at the stroke of midnight.

 #6 “Don’t Stop Believin'” – Journey (1981)

This one might be a bit overplayed, but after some champagne, you’ll be belting along. It’s hard to pick the best line, but “She took the midnight train going anywhere” is pretty fitting for the occasion. Start the 80s classic at 11:59:17 to sync it up.

#7 “One More Time” – Daft Punk (2000)

Daft Punk is responsible for countless – and timeless – party anthems. If you’re ready to do this whole New Year’s thing “One more time”, get ready to press play at 11:59:30.

#8 “I Miss You” – Blink-182 (2004)

Hey elder emos, for a bit of nostalgia, try playing “I Miss You” at 11:58:41 on December 31st. Singer Tom DeLonge will wail in his perfect pop-punk accent “WHERE ARE YOU?” at the end of the countdown.

#9 “Vroom Vroom” – Charli XCX (2016)

Feeling chaotic? Speed head first into the New Year with hyperpop banger “Vroom Vroom”. No need to worry about the timing, play it from the start right at midnight, and let Charli XCX steer you into 2023 with her iconic “Let’s ride”.

#10 “Feeling Myself ft. Beyoncé” – Nicki Minaj (2014)  

This one is two-parter. Legend has it, if you start “Feeling Myself” at 11:58:50 pm on the nose, Beyoncé can be heard saying “World stop…” in 2022, and “…carry on” in 2023! 

However you choose to celebrate this year, we at RAC wish you a very happy New Year, and lots of inspiration, creativity, and success in 2023! 

If you like all of these tracks, check out our Spotify playlist here.

Written by Maryse Bernard

Illustration by Yihong Guo