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The Spotify playlist

The Stand Tall playlist on Spotify gives artists like you the opportunity to share with the world your perspective on racial and social equality. We're kicking off the playlist with one song, an emotional a cappella by our friend Slim Williams and his friend Dutch Robinson of the Ohio Players. As artists like you submit more work, the playlist will grow and the narrative will begin to take shape.




This isn't a typical protest playlist—this is a community consciousness playlist. And we're going to do everything in our power to make the conscious voice of the community heard.



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The Voices of Stand Tall

Recording Arts Canada: Our message is consistent with the lyrics of "Stand Tall": When the going gets rough, those with true character understand how to show strength and compassion. Whether you're personally a victim of inequality or oppression, or are a witness to the injustices taking place in the world today, it is your responsibility to stand tall and make your voice count.

Slim Williams: My ideology is deeply rooted in spirituality and a link to a higher power or source. My dad was a Southern Baptist minister and so the first manifestation of that higher power taught me at a very early age that prayer heals all things. It just so happened that when I was putting down the rough vocals for the song ‘Prayer’ in my studio, it was 9-11. The TV was on but muted and was showing the twin towers being hit over and over again. That confirmed the spirit and true intention of that melody. 4 years later, I locked Dutch Robinson and myself in the studio for a weekend and we laid down 30 voices. A prayer is what it became; a prayer for the healing of humanity in times of crisis and confusion. Knowing that when times are dark, light is always around the corner. And we are at that dark point now once again. But no matter what personal or global crisis’ we face, that song serves as a reminder that: "This too shall pass".

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