Take a stand for what you know is right; live and help others live with dignity and conviction; and support the voices driving the vehicle of positive change.

The song "Stand Tall" was written and produced by RAC's curriculum advisor, Nik Keca, in the early 90s, with the intent of challenging listeners to show grace and compassion for all forms of life, and to have the courage to think and behave independent of opinion, pressure and history. The song never ended up getting released.

With the worldwide protests that have recently broken out against racism and police brutality, we wanted to challenge our community to stand up for what they know is right and make their voices heard. Nik offered up "Stand Tall" as the first member of the RAC community to accept this challenge. We subsequently named the challenge after his song, inviting everyone to stand tall and be counted.

The Stand Tall Challenge

We challenge you to use your creative voice to create conscious art. Stand tall and let yourself be heard—contribute to the narrative of social and racial equality, show solidarity with the oppressed, and help share perspectives that evolve our collective consciousness.

How You Can Participate

Whether you're a composer, writer, beat-maker, vocalist, or any other form of creator, you can use your art to communicate powerful messages. Share your truth, and don't be afraid to write as a witness in the absence of first-hand experience, or as a proxy for the voices that have been suppressed. Challenge yourself to create art that inspires and educates rather than divides and agitates.

Illustration by Annabelle Fournier-Favreau


Educate Yourself

If you're not sure where you stand on issues of equality, privilege and oppression, the best thing you can do is educate yourself. We'll be adding several resources here over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, we have linked a few good articles below.


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Participate in the Art Stream

Do you have a song, lyric, poem, visual statement, article, or other message to share? Publish it using the hashtag #StandTall, or send it to us for a chance to be promoted on our Instagram account.


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Participate in the Playlist

In partnership with Ditto, we will be curating and heavily promoting a Spotify playlist of original music called Stand Tall. This is your chance to share a powerful message with the world.


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Want your music to drive real change?


Partnering with us in this challenge is Ditto Music, offering distribution to 160 digital music stores and streaming platforms. If you want to submit your music to the Stand Tall playlist but you don't have distribution, you can sign up for 90 days of free distribution with Ditto. Once your music is up, you can submit it for a chance to be included in our Stand Tall playlist.

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