Evolution of Melbourne Bounce



Melbourne bounce is an upbeat subgenre of electro house that became popular in the early 2010s. Many credit Melbourne DJ Will Sparks as the creator of the genre, although Deorro and Joel Fletcher were both creating similar sounding music around the same time. The "bounce" tag comes from the fact that the tempo is slightly higher than other electro house music, giving Melbourne bounce bass lines a little more jump.




Many of electro house's other subgenres feature prominently in Melbourne bounce, from complextro to Dutch house, with rhythmic inspiration coming from jumpstyle and massive bass lines from psytrance.




Melbourne bounce is an upbeat genre that often features synth horns borrowed from Dutch House and off-beat bass lines that, along with the sped up tempo, give it a signature bouncy feel. Another distinctive characteristic is its fun-loving party vibe and eclectic use of samples.



Contiez & Treyy G - "Trumpsta"

Melbourne, 2012


The deep and powerful bass in "Trumpsta" is offset by what is either a real Donald Trump guest appearance or an uncanny impersonation.



TJR - "What's Up Suckaz"

Melbourne, 2013


TJR goes from hip house to Melbourne bounce with "What's Up Suckaz".



Will Sparks & Joel Fletcher - "Bring It Back"

Melbourne, 2013


Feel the bass bounce on this track with the trademark drum drum roll into the drop on Will Sparks & Joel Fletcher's "Bring It Back".



Deorro - "Five Hours"

Los Angeles, 2014


A really clean bass sound stands out on "Five Hours" from one of the early producers of the genre.



SAFIA - "Counting Sheep"

Canberra, 2015


"Counting Sheep" by SAFIA features a traditional vocal arrangement with creative samples and a slightly slower tempo than what’s usually heard in the genre.



Joel Fletcher & Tom Clayton - "BANG!"

Melbourne, 2019


Outstanding throbbing Melbourne-style bass house by Joel Fletcher & Tom Clayton.



Reece Low - "Wait A Minute"

Melbourne, 2020


A long dry drum roll with a funky take on the record scratch sample makes "Wait A Minute" by Reece Low an instant classic of the genre.



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