Evolution of Electro Hop



Before electro hop was hip house. The hip house fusion genre first arose during the late 80s and combined radio-friendly pop rap with four-on-the-floor house beats (which were also usually accompanied by either a basic synth melody or upbeat sample). Electro hop evolved out of hip house towards the mid 2000s, now combining the new house sound with an elevated style of rapping that featured a wider variety of lyrical themes. Much like hip house, electro hop involves rapping over a basic 4/4 disco beat, the foundation for all house music.



By 2005, both house music and hip hop had progressed into very complex hybrids that borrowed sounds, samples, and instrumentation from rock, pop, and everything else in between. Influences from eurodance, progressive house, French house, and others can be heard in electro hop beats and structures, with alternative hip hop and gangsta rap being the main influence on electro hop vocals.




Because the genre encompasses so many types of house and hip hop, the electro hop sound can vary considerably from one song to another. However, tracks are always highly produced with plenty of filters, gates, and effects; with a slick beat, and saturated vocals.



The Black Eyed Peas - "Where Is The Love?"

Los Angeles, California, 2003


The Black Eyed Peas worked with pop producer Ron Fair to create a great hip hop track with a bumping house beat on “Where Is The Love?”.



David Guetta - "Memories (feat. Kid Cudi)"

Paris, France, 200


“Memories” is a dance-ready track with solid hip hop vocals, thanks to the collaboration between Kid Cudi and David Guetta.



Pitbull - "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)"

Miami, Florida, 200


Pitbull’s music is often considered eurodance, but the way he raps over a classic house beat in “I Know You Want Me” helps the track fall into the electro hop genre.



Tiësto & Diplo & Busta Rhymes - "C'mon (Catch 'Em By Surprise)"

USA, 2010


Often in electro hop the rapper’s role is reduced to hype man, but Busta Rhymes absolutely steals the show on this epic track.



David Guetta - "Little Bad Girl"

Paris, France, 2011


David Guetta is at his club-smashing best on “Little Bad Girl,” a track which features a particularly bumping verse by Ludacris.



Azealia Banks - "The Big Big Beat"

New York City, New York, 2016


For “The Big Big Beat”, Azealia Banks found a relatively unknown house producer (An Expresso) to create a track that is the perfect blend of banging house rhythms and dynamite rap vocals.



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