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Recording Arts Canada alumni are achieving industry success.Two of the key performance indicators of any post-secondary institution is the graduation rate and percentage of graduates who land career employment upon graduation. RAC is a national leader in both these categories. We have a reputation within the industry of graduating students who consistently launch impressive careers after attending RAC. Here's a look at some of our grads, and some of the projects they're contributing to right now. 

RAC Grad Highlight: Zac Monson

A graduate of RAC Montreal in 2006, Zachary Monson’s whole life has been made of music: from his humble beginnings as a solo acoustic guitarist, to his ever-growing passion for electronic dance music that crumbles club floors. He grew up playing violin, guitar and piano in a household filled with the music of Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac and Boz Scaggs.

Zac has a degree in Sound Engineering and owns a recording studio in Montreal where he writes music for television, film and commercial projects. Zac is also the international content manager for electronic music at Stingray Music, as well as the creator and host of his own show PausePlay, pandering to an audience of over 140 million.

Zac is always looking for new artists and music styles to broaden his horizons. His library of favourite music is constantly changing, but some of his favourite artists at the moment include Rudimental, Kidnap Kid, Adventure Club, Richard Beynon, Bobby Tank, Disclosure, Bondax, Deadmau5, Paul Simon and Tchami.

Some of Zac's work:

RAC grads are populating the industry's top firms, including:


Luke Leveille
Assistant Engineer, Noble Street Studios

"RAC provided great practical experience for all the fundamentals. When I first arrived in Toronto, I didn’t know anything...until I came to RAC and was taught properly."

Adam Herdman
Production Engineer, Corus Entertainment

"I never really understood what I was actually doing. RAC has answered those questions and now I get the science and audio magic behind the scenes."

Hazel Burns
Mix Engineer, CTV

"I had a very positive experience at RAC. I learned a lot of information and gained tons of hands-on experience in a relatively short period of time."

Amy King
Recording Engineer, Grant Avenue Studio

Amy landed a post graduate internship at the famous Hamilton studio founded by Daniel Lanois of U2 and Peter Gabriel fame. Amy has worked at Grant Avenue Studio ever since.

Andrew Leung

"I found it very interesting - everyone had a different background. For example, I came from programming, so I was the lead developer- programmer in our projects. Another student was a Graphic Artist, so he did all of our 2D and 3D art."

Paul Col
Post-Production Audio Engineer, Studio Sonomar

"The courses offered at RAC covered multiple dimensions of the audio field, rather than focusing strictly on music, which for me was hugely important in discovering my passion for post-production."

Emilie Bilodeau
Recording Engineer, CBC/Radio Canada

"The teachers were so helpful, always encouraging us to go further in our work and progress as much as possible. I view my time at RAC as the best investment I’ve made in my life."

Stephen Williams
Record Label Co-founder, King Luck Music

"I heard about RAC and decided to take the leap into the Sound and Music Recording program, it turned out to be the right place for me."

Michael Maher
Freelance Sound Technician

"[After graduating from RAC] companies were calling me again and again. It was very exciting to finally start my career. It couldn’t have been possible without RAC’s team."

Interview: RAC Montreal grad Joey Langlois opens up about music and RAC on his life

"One morning I woke up, I had this epiphany, you know, go to Montreal, go to this school, RAC, learn sound. It was obvious to me I was going to love it. And when I got to Montreal I just discovered an amazing community of musicians, artistic festivals, just, non-stop opportunity everywhere. I discovered that a lot of people come here to pursue their dreams and a lot of people make them reality. What you need is connections that will last. Maybe opportunities don't present themselves right away but as you build those relationships, it opens up doors in sometimes the least expected of places."

Interview: RAC Toronto grad Andrea Wainman speaks of her decision to pursue a career in Sound & Music Recording, and gives advice to future students

"I went home...and I said to my mom, 'I'm quitting nursing and I'm going into music!' I've been here for twelve months and I graduate tomorrow. Tomorrow is my graduation day and I already have a professional paid job lined up! Pretty amazing! Biggest advise I can give you is this: go to the place you want to study at and visit it. When you're in the environment, you'll know if it feels right."

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Interview: Juno nominee and RAC Montreal grad Roxanne Potvin

"I came to visit RAC and I really liked the vibe, the interaction that I could see between the students and the teachers, I was very impressed by the knowledge that seemed to be there."
Roxanne's musical journey started when she picked up the guitar for the first time at age 14. An avid Beatles fan, she hasn't put the guitar down since. The singer-songwriter has released 4 albums to date; "The Way It Feels" (2006, Alert Music) was produced by Colin Linden, nominated for a Juno and features appearances by John Hiatt, Daniel Lanois, and Bruce Cockburn.