Student Reviews

Student reviews

What the artists have to say

Koal Harrison
Koal Harrison@kountkoal
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The benefits of having great studios available to me was an eye opener and it changed how I perceived things. This helped me get out of my comfort zone and get into a more professional and ambitious setting.
Treh LaMonte
Treh LaMonte@trehlamonte
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All the skills you need as an artist to really hone your own sound—recording, producing, mixing... You get all that at RAC. Plus it's a great place to network.
Roxanne Potvin
Roxanne Potvin@roxpotvin
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You're never going to regret what you're gonna learn. It's always going to be there. My advice is just to follow your heart. If you have the passion, if you love music to death, studying at Recording Arts Canada will definitely help you.
Joey Langlois
Joey Langlois@whatifelephants
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I discovered that a lot of people come here to pursue their dreams and a lot of people make them reality...Maybe opportunities don't present themselves right away but as you build those relationships, it opens up doors in the least expected of places.