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"Everyone at RAC is willing to help you."
-Paul Fitz, composer & sound designer at Top Format Productions

The best part is being around like-minded people that are as passionate about music as I am.

- Rennie Williams, live sound engineer. Rennie was an international student from Antigua.

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recording arts canada student reviews


I tried to spend as much time as I could with the teachers to learn from them because the knowledge I was getting was priceless. I spent so much time with some of these teachers that they have become my friends and people that I can trust in this business.

- Laurier St Aubin, DJ/Producer (Pineapple Destruction)



I feel everyone is accessible, even the director and the program coordinator. Even the TAs come to school earlier just for you, to explain things you don’t understand. That’s amazing. Which school does that? If you need help, you get it. It is really something special.

- Paul Fitz, composer, Netherlands

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review of recording arts canada


I discovered that a lot of people come here to pursue their dreams and a lot of people make them reality...Maybe opportunities don't present themselves right away but as you build those relationships, it opens up doors in the least expected of places.

- Joey Langlois, music producer and lead vocalist for What If Elephants.



RAC was a really incredible experience. It was great. I feel like one of the biggest benefits of going to Recording Arts Canada was meeting talented people and staff, as they were all really knowledgeable and opened my mind to different facets of music and sound that I wasn’t aware of before.

- Koal Harrison, producer, beat-maker & music licensor (The Kount).

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recording arts canada college reviews


The benefits of having great studios available to me was an eye opener and it changed how I perceived things. This helped me get out of my comfort zone and get into a more professional and ambitious setting.

- Koal Harrison, producer, beat-maker & music licensor (The Kount)

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review of rac toronto


I really enjoyed the hands-on experience that I received while I was here. Getting to test the various waters of the music industry and having something to show for it in the end. Excellent staff, and great memories.

- Ryan Parker, AV Technician, ET Group



My experience was quite a good one. RAC really gave me the knowledge I was seeking. I used to just put stuff onto recordings because it sounded "cool" or because it needed a little more "punch", but I never really understood what I was actually doing. RAC has answered those questions and now I get the science and audio magic behind the scenes.

- Adam Herdman, multi-faceted career, Q107 & Edge 102.1

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rac student reviews


Having great teachers came into play. You can ask questions and they have real answers, unlike just going to the Internet.

- Koal Harrison, producer, beat-maker & music licensor (The Kount)

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RAC has been the greatest help, the greatest impact.

- Rennie Williams, live sound engineer

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RAC helped me with my visa study & work permits, connected me with an immigration consultant and they also kept tabs on me and made sure things were progressing. They even offered help in finding housing...The school was supportive in every way.

- Rennie Williams, live sound engineer. Rennie was an international student from Antigua.

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student review of recording arts canada college


I loved my experience. I still use the things I've learned, every single day! The program content is very relevant with no redundancy. A lot of hands-on practical learning experiences. The class size is small and it allowed everyone to experiment.

- Patrice Lavoie, audio project manager, Solotech

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I learned a lot at RAC that I realized after the fact would have been difficult to research on my own.

- Laurier St Aubin, DJ/Producer

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college review of recording arts canada


I love using the Neve. It was great working with vintage analog boards. The staff here are very knowledgeable and I learned a lot. The TAs are always available for extra help.

- Gayan Jayaratne - Broadcast Systems Administrator, The Weather Network



Great. Eye-opening. Allowed me to see how big the world of audio really is, and how many elements are involved in audio in the different environments. It reinforced my love of audio and technology.

- Carl Johnson, live sound production, Platform Productions

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