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Hear like a pro. Sound like a pro.

Our studios allow you to develop advanced critical listening skills and next-level productions using the very best tools available.

Avid S6 console at RAC Montreal

Dolby-certified 5.1 theatres for unparalleled critical listening sessions

Flagship boards include Avid S6 at RAC Montreal and vintage Neve at RAC Toronto

On-site live sound stages for concert simulations and performance practice

Large, versatile live rooms for band and foley recording

Individual fully-loaded workstations for labs and personal projects

See our studios up close and in action

Avid S6 console RAC Montreal

RAC Montreal's Avid S6 console

Neve console RAC Toronto

RAC Toronto's Neve console

Lafont Console RAC Toronto

RAC Toronto's Lafont mixing console

Focusrite board, recording studio at RAC Montreal

RAC Montreal's Focusrite recording studio

Live Foley Room RAC Toronto

RAC Toronto's live & foley room

Live Theatre RAC Montreal

RAC Montreal's live performance theatre

Lab RAC Toronto

RAC Toronto's computer lab

Lab RAC Montreal

RAC Montreal's computer lab

Next session: May 2021

Ready to launch your professional career in under a year?

Online program

If you prefer to study from home and earn a college diploma from RAC Montreal (Canadian students) or a certificate from RAC Montreal (non-Canadian students).

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On-site program

If you prefer to study and earn a college diploma at RAC Montreal or Toronto. Note that on-site students are participating in our online version until Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

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How do we compare to a university program?

Our program consists of 920 hours of specialized training—800 hours of curriculum and 120 hours of additional workshops—and it all happens in less than a year.

A four-year university program, by contrast, typically consists of 675 hours of major courses and another 675 hours of irrelevant elective courses. That's 245 hours less relevant training than our program, and it takes four times longer to finish it.

rac vs university training hours

Alumni in the industry

rac grads at work

Applicants have our full support.

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1-on-1 feedback session with an RAC mentor

Functional skills & career plan assessment

Financial aid simulation with our registrar's office

Support throughout the admissions process

Recording Arts Canada is a sound and music production college with campuses in downtown Montreal and Toronto. We're registered by Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities and by Quebec's Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Canadian students qualify to apply for financial aid, and international students qualify to apply for post-study work permits.

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