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Join the world's only sound and music production college led by a Grammy-winning producer. From home.

This is not your typical online learning experience. Daily access to teachers, 4 hours per day of live classes, a collaborative project-based curriculum, and essential feedback are all packed in to our online program.

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Launch your career in less than a year

Our sound and music production program combines essential theory, vital hands-on training, and career support so you can start landing professional opportunities within a year.

Get better, faster than a university student

Our program delivers over 30% more training than a 4-year university major, in a quarter of the time.

Our program consists of over 900 hours of specialized training—and it all happens in less than a year.

A four-year university program, by contrast, typically consists of 675 hours of major courses and another 675 hours of irrelevant elective courses.

1 year at RAC
900+ hours of specialized training
4 years at university
675 hours of major courses
675 hours of elective courses


Get more training hours compared to a typical university major, at a fraction of the price.

  • RAC Montreal $18,455

    Cost of the full 920 hours of training, student support and lifetime alumni services

  • RAC Toronto $18,840

    Cost of the full 920 hours of training, student support and lifetime alumni services

Application process

Step 1: Application to RAC

  1. Complete the application form below
  2. Submit the application fee (non-refundable)
    • RAC Montreal: $50 cad
    • RAC Toronto: $100 cad
  3. Submit the required documents

Step 2: Application review

We will contact you when your application is received and discuss your career objectives in more detail. We will also schedule a 1-on-1 to answer any questions you have about the program.

Step 3: Interview & acceptance

The final step is to hold an interview with the program director, who will review your application and notes provided by the admissions department to determine if you are accepted to RAC.

Note: For non-Canadian students, the international fee is $3,000 cad in addition to the standard cost of tuition.

Next session: May 2024


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