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Recording Arts Canada offers free and paid resources to high schools including counselling, workshops, tours, and online material.

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Academic and career guidance

Sound and music industries are in constant flux. To be successful, aspiring professionals need to understand emerging career paths and prepare accordingly. At Recording Arts Canada, we specialize in preparing students for tomorrow's workforce. This process starts with guidance counselling to educate students on the many career paths that might pique their interest and then equipping them with the skills, network, and opportunities to excel in their chosen niche.

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Free resources

You can schedule a free visit to Recording Arts Canada in Montreal or Toronto for any of the 90-minute events below.

Workshops & seminars

  • Songwriting
  • Beat-making
  • DJing
  • Sound for film
  • Production
  • Performance
  • Post-production
  • Industry
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Careers

Behind-the-scenes tours

  • Professional band recording
  • Live concert production
  • Career demonstrations

Online courses

If you're looking for additional resources, please contact us. We currently have a number of initiatives in progress and may be able to accommodate your needs.

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SHSM Certification Workshops

Learn popular topics from our faculty of industry professionals

  • Cost: $60/student
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Dates: By request
  • Contact: Lee Sammut
  • 416-977-5074
Recording Equipment
  • Studio Gear
Advanced Training in A Technique
  • Sound Design
  • Song Mixing
Advanced Training in an Art Form
  • Music Creation

Recording Arts Canada is a sound and music production college with campuses in downtown Montreal and Toronto. We're registered by Ontario's Ministry of Colleges and Universities and by Quebec's Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Canadian students qualify to apply for financial aid, and international students qualify to apply for post-study work permits.

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