Important update for RAC Toronto students​
The Ontario government’s post-secondary Education Health Measures Framework for Fall 2021, announced on August, 31, 2021, can be found in the link below.​

Covid-19 Response

Classes are in session, and Canada is accepting international students!
Recording Arts Canada has taken serious measures to keep our students, staff and faculty safe during the pandemic. We are also working hard to uphold the world-class standard of education our college has delivered for the past 40 years.


How are classes being taught?

All current and upcoming classes, workshops, and feedback sessions are available online through live streams and discussion forums. Some lessons are being delivered on-site in accordance with provincial lockdown guidelines.

Can I take the program entirely online?

Yes! We are delivering daily live classes on schedule with our pre-pandemic timeline.

I’m enrolled in the on-site program, how am I affected?

Our campuses have been adapted for the pandemic, with spaced out lab stations, hand sanitizer for everyone, and strict capacity guidelines.

This allows us to deliver some classes on-site, whenever restrictions are eased. When restrictions are tightened, classes move to our live online format.

What do I need to participate in online learning?

Students must have a laptop, a pair of headphones or monitors, a digital audio workstation of any kind, and a reliable internet connection. We are working to provide students with any additional hardware or software needed to fully participate in activities and projects.

Is this pandemic ever going to end?

We hope so. But we’re prepared to keep delivering our program via our online and hybrid format until restrictions are permanently lifted.

What resources can I check to stay informed on pandemic-related information?

What safety protocols are in place at RAC?

  1. All students, staff and faculty will be provided with a COVID-19 self-assessment attestation before accessing RAC campuses and facilities.
  2. Reception will perform mandatory health assessments via contactless temperature checks of all students, staff and faculty of RAC, and provide appropriate PPE.
  3. Class start-times will be staggered to minimize campus over-crowding and ensure efficient attestations collection and PPE distribution.
  4. Students will be assigned to small groups in order to minimize contact and support contact tracking.
  5. All classrooms, studios, labs and common areas will promote physical distancing, indicate traffic flow, and include plexiglass barriers where distancing may be limited.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be available at all campus entrances and in all classrooms, studios, labs, and common areas.
  7. All student areas will be thoroughly cleaned between classes. High-frequency touchpoints such as keyboards, studio equipment, and workstations will be subject to routine sterilization.
  8. All gatherings, meetings and group work must be conducted in compliance with social distancing protocols established by the federal and provincial governments.
  9. Where possible, all administrative appointments or student mentoring will take place virtually.
  10. Anyone who has travelled outside of Canada must follow the current COVID protocols put out by the federal and provincial governments upon entry to Canada. Please check the IRCC site for the most current information and guidelines.

Rest assured that we are fully committed to the health and education of all of our students and will continue to monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation and adjust and improve our policies as necessary.

If you have any questions about the 2021 school year, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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