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RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews featuring Leyshan Grant

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews featuring Leyshan Grant of Turks & Caicos.

Why did you choose to study Sound & Music Recording? I found it interesting. Not just sound but the process of how it's made, produced, distributed etc. I saw it as an opportunity to further my own sound reinforcement company.

Recording and Mixing Demonstrations @ RAC Montreal Studios May 26 @ 6:30pm

RAC Career Day MontrealIndie bands, beat makers, DJs, rappers, composers, and everyone else who wants to make sound and music the focus of your life, you'll want to attend RAC Montreal's FREE Music Production demonstrations. Take your music to the next level by learning the techniques used by the world's top pros. If you're serious about music, you'll benefit by attending this Free seminar on Tuesday May 26th, at 6:30 pm.

Successful night at La Sala Rossa, The Liquor Store takes top prize

The 9th edition RAC Showcase, hosted as always at La Sala Rossa on Boul. Saint-Laurent, proved to be one of the best events so far. Each act put on a strong performance; from Yosh's rap to Grand Splendid's electric indie and Noko's alt-indie vibes, it was also our most eclectic showcase to date. In the end, it was The Liquor Store's Snarky-puppy-inspired funk/fusion shutdown performance that took the cake.

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews with Freddy Jesus Arevalo Gonzalez of Venezuela

RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews feauturing Freddy Jesus Arevalo Gonzalez of Venezuela.

Why are you studying Sound & Music Recording? I love music and I wanted to go to the best college.  For me music is life. Everything is music. I’m a lawyer but what I really want to do is music professionally and become a music producer.  What better way than through RAC, the best recording school.

Student Reviews for RAC Digital Arts College featuring Andres Pruche of Venezula

Student Reviews for RAC Digital Arts College featuring Andres Pruche of Venezula.

RAC Digital Arts College Student Review featuring Rennie Williams of Antiqua

RAC Digital Arts College Student Review featuring Rennie Williams of Antiqua.

Why are you studying Sound & Music Recording? I want an education so I can record and produce music.  I’m a musician first and music is a part of who I am.   Knowing how sound & music works is important for my career.

Student Reviews for RAC Digital Arts College featuring Paul Fitz of the Netherlands

Student Reviews for RAC Digital Arts College featuring Paul Fitz of the Netherlands.

Why are you studying Sound & Music Recording? I want to know how music works in terms of sound.  I’ve been composing but without a technical background and I needed a deeper understanding of sound as it relates to music. 

An International Experience: Mixing Music Around the World.

Fali Damania, Recording Arts Canada Graduate, left India in 2003 to enroll in the Sound and Music Recording program at RAC.  Today, the RAC graduate is touring all across the world as a live sound engineer.  One of his is biggest gigs was in front of a packed house in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

Amy King Profile : Grant Avenue Studio

Amy King is an RAC graduate. She's been working at Grant Avenue Studios since graduating from RAC. Originally from Newfoundland, Amy landed a post graduate internship at the famous Hamilton studio founded by Daniel Lanois of U2 and Peter Gabriel fame. Amy has worked at Grant Avenue Studio ever since. Amy was named "Recording Engineer of the Year" at the Hamilton Music Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

RAC Grad Luke Leveille's credits include Drake, Wiley, and many more outstanding artists.

RAC grad Luke Leveille has worked with artists Drake, Wiley, Ghostface Killah, P. Reign, The Weeknd, Gentlemen Husbands, Majid Jordan, and producers Noah “40” Shebib, Boy1da, Carlos Illangelo, Damon Sharpe, Pro Logic and Gavin Brown, to name a few. Luke discusses the path that led him to working with some world renowned artists and producers. 

Luke, how did you get into music production?

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