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RAC Montreal Concert Application - May 12

Recording Arts Canada's Concert Series is just one of many exciting events hosted by RAC, featuring some very talented music artists. The event provides exposure to accomplished industry professionals and representatives for both the bands/artists and RAC students. The aim is to help everyone involved build bridges to the industry and assist in the advancement of their careers.

An International Experience: Mixing Music Around the World.

Fali Damania, Recording Arts Canada Graduate, left India in 2003 to enroll in the Sound and Music Recording program at RAC.  Today, the RAC graduate is touring all across the world as a live sound engineer.  One of his is biggest gigs was in front of a packed house in Toronto’s Rogers Centre.

Amy King Profile : Grant Avenue Studio

Amy King is an RAC graduate. She's been working at Grant Avenue Studios since graduating from RAC. Originally from Newfoundland, Amy landed a post graduate internship at the famous Hamilton studio founded by Daniel Lanois of U2 and Peter Gabriel fame. Amy has worked at Grant Avenue Studio ever since. Amy was named "Recording Engineer of the Year" at the Hamilton Music Awards in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

RAC Grad Luke Leveille's credits include Drake, Wiley, and many more outstanding artists.

RAC grad Luke Leveille has worked with artists Drake, Wiley, Ghostface Killah, P. Reign, The Weeknd, Gentlemen Husbands, Majid Jordan, and producers Noah “40” Shebib, Boy1da, Carlos Illangelo, Damon Sharpe, Pro Logic and Gavin Brown, to name a few. Luke discusses the path that led him to working with some world renowned artists and producers. 

Luke, how did you get into music production?

Careers in Sound Engineering

Hazel Burns turns her passion for music and mixing into a Career at CTV and Discovery Channel.

With an impressive education and music performance credentials, Hazel Burns decided to shift her career focus to Sound and Music Recording, enrolling at RAC's Montreal campus. Hazel explains how she came to that critical choice, and how that decision helped her land a job at CTV as a mix engineer, as well as result in being chosen to record and mix several acclaimed projects. 

What is your background?

Adam Herdman, RAC grad, Artist and Producer for Toronto's Q107 and Edge 102.1

Adam Herdman, like many of us, has a huge passion for making and recording music. Adam has parlayed that passion into a multi-faceted career: artist, musician, recording engineer and radio producer. Adam is currently working at  Toronto's flagship rock and alternative stations Q107 and Edge 102.1.

What was your background in music prior to enrolling to RAC?

Five Great Performances @ RAC Montreal Concert

Five extremely talented acts performed on December 19th at Sala Rossa for RAC's Concert Special, our 8th event and a special Holiday Edition celebrating some of the finest indie artists in Montreal. Soul Street, Clay and Friends, Ben Cardilli, Stefanie Parnell and Frase all delivered highly entertaining sets. It was another great evening in one of the world's top music cities.

Emilie Bilodeau

Emilie BilodeauRecording Engineer, CBC/Radio Canada

Emilie Bilodeau is an 2005 RAC grad (Recording Arts Canada) in sound and music recording. She is currently working at CBC/Radio Canada as an audio engineer for live transmissions and productions for the network.

Astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield w/ RAC grad Luke Leveille

RAC Sound and Recording graduate, recording engineer Luke Leveille and Canada’s “singing astronaut” Colonel Chris Hadfield addressed a conference of 500 school counselors this month in Toronto. On November 10, 2014 the Ontario School Counselors Association (OSCA) hosted its annual conference at the International Plaza in Toronto. This OSCA conference was titled Creating Pathways to Success.

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