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For over 30 years creative students from around the world have studied at RAC and turned dreams into careers. Visit RAC's Audio School, Game Design School or Digital Media School.

RAC Montreal Student at work on a personal music project, exploring creative options in one of dozens of studios and workstations at our campus.

RAC Toronto Computer Lab situated in a 5.1 surround theatre for the ultimate learning and creative experience.

Students mix sound and music for film in three 5.1 surround theatres at RAC Toronto. 

RAC Montreal students record and mix live music in Studio A.

Our Foley studio at RAC Toronto is recognized as one of the best in Canada by leading film and television foley artists and producers.

Live recording session at RAC Montreal.

RAC is the only school in Canada with a Class A Neve recording console for the old school, classic sound. Hundreds of classic albums have been cut on a vintage Neve. 

Mixing for electronic games, albums, film& tv @ RAC's 5.1 Theatres.

Career Training Programs

RAC Digital Arts College offers career training in Sound & Music RecordingGame Design and Digital Media. Recording Arts Canada (RAC) prepares our graduates for jobs that lead to promising careers in these creative industries. Click here to apply to RAC.

Excellent Student Reviews RAC Digital Arts College

“The defining moment? The moment I stepped in the building!” Blay Armah. "Excellent staff, and great memories” Ryan Parker. Learn more about Record Arts Canada student reviews in our News section.



RAC's Recording School grads are working in Sound and Music Recording, Film Post, and so many other creative fields. RAC's Game Design School students are also working in the industry. Read RAC Digital Arts College Student Reviews in our news section. apply here.

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RAC Open House: Wednesday, April 23, 2014 at RAC Toronto

Game Design & Digital Media demos: 6 pm. Sound & Music demos: 7 pm. Students and Guests are invited to sit in on an inspiring set of production demonstrations. Tour RAC's world class studios, and meet faculty and staff. To reserve a seat, Call (416) 977-5074 for more information or email us at:


Recording Arts Canada is pleased to announce that Tracer Flare, FM Hi Low, Ben Cardilli and Syzzors will be performing at RAC's 5th Concert Showcase, at Sala Rossa on Wednesday, April 23th @ 7pm.