Music Creation Workshop - RAC Toronto - November 14

Do you wish you had the ability to quickly and efficiently write successful songs? Have you ever wanted to know techniques for breaking through the frustrating ‘writer’s block’ experience? The purpose of this workshop is to show you effective ways of generating ideas, arranging songs, and improving your creative process. If you or your music creator friends would like to strengthen your song creation capabilities, then this is the event for you! 


Thursday, November 14th

Presentations begin at 7:00pm sharp

Doors open at 6:30pm for a campus tour


111 Peter Street #708, Toronto, ON

(416) 977-5074

About the music creation workshop

The point of music creation is to communicate emotion. This process starts by generating sounds, and creating hooks using those sounds (including lyrics, chords, melodies, rhythms, and grooves); but there's a lot more to the music creation process than that. Composition, building arrangements, and structuring arrangements into complete musical pieces (specifically, commercial songs) are fundamental to communicating emotion in an effective and catchy manner. This workshop was designed to help you systematically turn musical ideas - emotions, sounds, and hooks - into complete songs. 

Watch and learn as RAC’s most prolific music creators demonstrate the RAC approach to song creation, and how you can implement parts of the system (or the whole thing) into your own productions. Take a crack at the project yourself in RAC’s music computer lab immediately after the workshop and get feedback from RAC mentors. Take the project home to practice using the RAC music creation system using your own musical ideas, then submit your work for professional feedback.