Unleash Your Creativity With Sound Design

Sound design is the process of creating a new sound, or morphing a sound into something else altogether. You can use samplers, synthesizers, instruments, or any other sound-making or sound altering device. The beauty of having such an open canvas and so many different tools at your fingertips is that you can experiment and be as creative and unique as you can imagine. Here's a step by step example of a bass sound and loop we created from some vocal samples recorded with only a cell phone.

Entry-Level Microphones for your Home Studio

One of the most cherished pieces of gear that a recording artist can own is the sensory piece of hardware that connects reality to the electrical and digital realm; the microphone. Like most audio hardware and instruments, each make and model has its own flavour, so that leaves a recording artist with tough decisions to make when it comes to choosing one.

The best way to find what you're looking for is to understand what your goals are, and to know what the mic sounds like. In other words, if you have the opportunity, do a mic shootout!

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