Break into the music industry as a songwriter

Do people tend to have any misconceptions about your industry?


Julian - Typically, the first images that come to mind when imagining life as a songwriter, are those of a recording artist that pours their soul onto paper, and takes this vision on the road. Romantic as it may be, this is only one of the ways in which a person might work in the business of writing songs.


How do songwriters earn their income?


Songwriters rely on a mixed bag of revenue streams:

Evolution of UK Drill/Trap


67 - "Skeng Man"

Brixton, England, 2015


Rap group 67 was one of the first casualties of the country’s unofficial war on drill. Their first tour was shut down by police who feared violence would follow them from city to city, and they have since been labelled a criminal gang.



Evolution of Grime


Dizzee Rascal - "I Luv U"

London, England, 2003


Dizzee Rascal was an early grime producer, and his 2003 album Boy in da Corner helped lay a solid foundation for the genre.



Wiley - "Wot Do U Call It?"

London, England, 2004


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