Start using metaphors to create catchy lyrical hooks

Metaphors in music


One of the most powerful tools in writing is the metaphor: a comparison of two subjects without using the term ‘like’ or ‘as’. Lyrics that contain metaphors can create strong, unique imagery that resonates with the audience without the need for long, drawn-out descriptions. The impact of metaphors in your music is perhaps most important in lyrical hooks, which need to pack both meaning and simplicity into a memorable refrain.


Let's look at a famous example


Howard Bilerman Is Alive And Well And Living In Montreal

If you’ve ever heard of Arcade Fire, A Silver Mt. Zion, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, then you’ll want to read about their producer/engineer, Montreal’s Howard Bilerman. Howard is also a guest lecturer at RAC’s Montreal campus. Recording Arts Canada regularly hosts inspiring masterclasses featuring top sound and music recording industry experts who share their knowledge and experience. These workshops are free and open to public. This is a great opportunity for RAC students and our community to meet these fascinating professionals, and learn some tricks of the trade.

How to Break into the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is exploding, which is good news for those hoping to turn their passion for games into a full time gig. A love of video games—the stories, the strategies, the look and feel of them—propels many people to seek out careers as video game designers, artists, and producers. However, to break into this highly competitive industry you need more than 75 hours a week of WOW on your resume. Here are some of the most effective strategies to break into the gaming industry:

Ryan Miljus goes Live with Westbury

After graduating RAC granted me an internship for having outstanding grades at Amp'd Mobile. We focused on giving their customers exclusive media content such as live concerts and music videos broadcasted straight to their phones. I found myself in a world class recording facility recording some of the hottest musical acts from Canada and abroad, giving me complete control over the audio mix.  I currently work as an audio technician for Westbury National Show Systems Ltd. I have the opportunity to work at live events and concerts.

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