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Financial Aid

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Recording Arts Canada is Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005 (Ontario) and a registered private college with the Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur (MEES) in Québec. Students at our colleges can apply for various forms of financial assistance, including Canada Student Loans, Provincial Student Loans, Québec Loans & Grants, CSST, Employment Insurance, Student Bank Loans and Human Resources Canada, among others. Education fees are tax deductible.

There are several options that may be available to students of RAC to assist with the financing of their educational costs. These options may include:

  • Government Financial Aid Programs
  • Student bank loans and student lines of credit
  • Human Resources Canada retraining programs
  • Second Career (Ontario)

RAC counselors are available to provide you with assistance and guidance, and to ensure that the available options are thoroughly explored and that the required resources are in place prior to the start of your first class.

  • CanLearn : Toll-free number : 1 (888) 815-4514

For more information and / or prepare your application for loans and bursaries , call the admissions office:


+1 (514) 286-4336


+1 (416) 977-5074


Province Description Website Telephone Toll-free
Ontario OSAP Website 1 (807) 343-7260 1 (877) 672-7411
Quebec Prêts et bourses Website 1 (514) 864-3557 (Montreal)
1 (418) 646-4505 (Quebec)
1 (888) 345-4505
British Columbia StudentAid BC Website 1 (877) 535-7680  
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Student Loans Website 1 (306) 787-5620 1 (800) 597-8278
Nova Scotia Nova Scotia Student Assistance Website 1 (902) 424-8420 1 (800) 565-8420
Newfoundland and Labrador Newfoundland and Labrador Student Aid Website 1 (709) 729-5849 1 (888) 657-0800
Manitoba Manitoba Student Aid Website 1 (204) 945-6321 1 (800) 204-1685
Alberta Student Aid Alberta Service Centre Website   1-855-606-2096
Prince Edward Island Student financial services Website 1 (902) 368-4640  
New-Brunswick Student Financial Services Website   1 (800) 667-5626
NWT NWT Student Financial Assistance SFA Website   1 (877) 860-0680
Yukon Student Financial Assistance Website 1 (867) 667-5929 1 (800) 661-0408 poste 5929

We recommend that any prospective RAC student, in addition to sending in their applications for loans and grants to the government, to explore all options grants and loans and lines of credit available in most Canadian financial institutions. Below, you will find the names and contact information for most Canadian financial institutions:

Royal Bank of Canada
1 (800) 769-2511

Bank of Montréal
1 (877) 225-5266

1 (800) 465-2422


Scotia Bank
1 (800) 472-6842

National Bank of Canada
1 (888) 483-5628

Laurentienne Bank
1 (800) 252-1846

TD Canada Trust
1 (800) 895-4463

Other financing programs may be available for certain candidates. You can see a list of some other funding options we have listed below.
Employment and Social Development Canada
Grants and Canada Student Loans: 1 (888) 815-4514
Canada Education Savings Program: 1-800-622-6232
The Aboriginal Bursaries Search Tool is a searchable list of more than 750 bursaries, scholarships and incentives across Canada, offered by governments, universities and colleges, private and public companies, individual Canadians, organizations and others.
The majority of bursaries on this list target Aboriginal students but could vary by group such as First Nation, Métis or Inuit. Also, some bursaries are specific to a region, place of residence, a school, or a field of study.