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Career Counselling

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At RAC, career guidance starts as soon as you meet with an RAC counsellor.

This guidance continues through the admissions process, during your studies, and after graduation.


RAC counsellors have three major responsibilities:

  1. help the student determine the right career path.
  2. help students and their parents develop an understanding of your chosen field, i.e. either the sound & music recording, digital media, or game design industry.
  3. determine whether RAC is the right fit for the student.


Staff members at RAC are able to accelerate the job search process for our students and grads. At RAC we believe it is a primary responsibility of the College to help shape an ambitious person into a skilled professional who understands the requirements and realities of the industry they seek to enter. The industries we serve have been at the forefront of new technologies and are evolving as a vital part of many expanding media and distribution platforms. As a result, employment opportunities are both diversified and demanding. RAC staff help our students develop their career path and plan.