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Sound & Music Recording: Careers

Careers in Sound & Music Recording

The field of Audio Engineering and Sound and Music Recording has gone through tremendous change. A dramatic increase in indie production, in both the music and motion picture industries, as well the emergence of successful on-line markets, has created many new opportunities for those interested in a career in Sound and Music Production. Recording Arts Canada prepares students for the demands and challenges of these careers through well planned skill development programs that are highly regarded by artists and employers in the Sound and Music industry.


Career Opportunities in Sound and Music Recording include:

  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixer
  • Sound Designer
  • Composer
  • Multimedia Sound Tech
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Live Sound Mixer
  • Sound Effects Editor
  • Location Sound Recorder
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Music Editor
  • Foley Artist
  • Dialogue Editor
  • Post-Production Engineer