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About Sean Paine

Sean Paine grew up in Michigan and graduated from university with a degree in music & recording before he went on to intern at Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta. From there, he interned at multiple studios while living out of his car, working towards paid gigs, when he was given a shot to sit in on a recording session with Gucci Mane. From there, Sean's hard work, patience, humility, and technical background led him to become Gucci's head engineer in the studio and overall go-to guy outside of the studio. Sean's other credits to date include Future, Young Thug, 2Chainz, Migos, Fetty Wap, Waka Flocka, Akon, Sosa, and more.

Sean came to RAC for two weekends to host RAC Workshops, where he detailed his journey thus far, where he sees himself in the future, gave tips, ran a Pro Tools seminar, accepted local auditions, and recorded/mixed tunes for pre-approved members of the audience. Sean also went home with a number of tracks and phone numbers from local emerging artists and producers to strengthen his own network between Atlanta and Montreal & Toronto.



Tip: Getting Wider Reverb

If you're listening to your reverb effect after countless tweaks and still aren't satisfied with its width, read on to find out how to actually manipulating the stereo spectrum of the reverb to give it that "outside of the speakers" width. More tutorial excerpts to come.



Cypher sound bite: The Silent Celeb

We hosted a cypher allowing rappers in attendance to showcase their freestyle skills. Here are a few highlights.