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Frase - Daggers & Shields

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Thursday, September 10th, 2015


The latest track from Montreal-based and Recording Arts Collective member Frase, "Daggers & Shields", offers a fresh blend of reggae, dub, R&B, and folk you'll find with all him music. His laid back grooves, socially conscious vocals, and banging guitar licks have helped him carve out a distinct musical persona that resonates well with his audience.

Frase is constantly working; putting out solid tracks one after another on a consistent basis and making his rounds of bumping venues in the Montreal-Laurentian region, raking up a loyal following along the way. His next show is in five days at Divan Orange . The September 15th show costs a mere $10 and grants access to a number of other great local acts including Dr. Mad, Dead Horse Beats (opened for French Kiwi Juice last year at New Speak, killer act), Atamone, and Fauna.

It's always nice to see a new Frase jam pop up on my soundcloud feed. Looking forward to the next. Enjoy:



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