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Fake Shark - Cheap Thrills

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2016


Behold Fake Shark (previously Fake Shark - Real Zombie!), a killer so-called freak-pop trio out of Vancouver. The group draws from alt, pop, and hip hop influences, and whether they're borrowing pages from the Chili Peppers (Angel Lust), Jurassic 5 (Girls), or J. Roddy/Arctic Monkeys (Paint It Gold), Fake Shark pretty much cranks it up every song.

"Cheap Thrills", one of their two summer 2015 releases, bumps from start to finish with a grimy guitar track, catchy lyrics sung in falsetto, a driving four on the floor beat and some cowbells for good measure. A great listen from a group with so much cool music already in their wake. Check it out.



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